iOS application development is a well-known platform for its useful features and security. Over the years, dramatic changes have been seen in iOS application development. The Apple has recently launched Swift programming language to bring effectiveness and to enhance user experience. The main objective of Swift is to make the code utilized in OS X Yosemite and iOS, simple and easy to understand.

Since the launch of Swift, iOS applications have improved their quality beyond the imagination. Swift app development company is growing rapidly in app development market. Swift has proven that it is the best alternative for iOS programming languages like Objective-C. Many beginner developers are now showing their huge interest in Swift application development. Swift is large platform and developers can find numerous opportunities to enhance their skillset in iOS application development.
Why Is Swift Programming In Huge Demand?

As per the professional iOS app developers, Swift has given remarkable outcomes and created excitement in beginners about iOS application development. Normally, Swift and Objective-C both are the most preferred options for building iPhone applications. However, both idioms have their own benefits and limitations.

The Swift has inherited safe patterns for iOS application development by conveying more features to make coding platform flexible. Advanced compiler, structural model and debugger make Swift more effective and robust.

Following are some advantages of Swift programming language:

Automatic Reference Counting (ARC):

It is used in Swift to solve memory management issues occur in iOS applications. Standard and modern Cocoa Foundation is utilized to improve Swift system stack. The cross-platform development ability makes Swift more reasonable choice for iOS application development.


Swift applications are compatible with the latest as well as previous iOS versions. The applications developed with Swift have Xcode runtime dynamic libraries fixed within the application bundle. These libraries provide consistent and seamless performance on different versions of Swift and iOS. Swift app developers can now submit the application along with dynamic libraries. The Integrity of iOS application is confirmed by the digitally signed certificate.

Code Steadiness:

Swift’s strong error handling and typing system makes code more steady. Involuntary reference counting system in Swift avoids the potential errors in application code.


Developers can use Objective-C code inside the Swift program and vice versa. Therefore application can benefit the best features and patterns of both languages. The interoperability help to keep application code layout native to either Objective-C or Swift.

Different Resources To Learn Swift Programming

Though Swift is new, it inherits the basic functions and syntax of C/C++, Objective-C, and Cocoa Touch framework. The developers who are already familiar with these frameworks, do not find any difficult while handling Swift language. But, for the beginners, learning Swift might be quite challenging. Fortunately, the Internet provides numerous free resources to learn Swift. Some websites offer free online courses while some courses are paid but available at affordable fees. Therefore, beginners can leverage these online resources to learn Swift and flourish their career as a successful iOS application developer. Following are some useful resources to learn Swift:

1. The Swift Blog

The Swift blog by Apple is a best and most recommended source to learn basic and advance of Swift programming concepts. This blog covers various Swift concepts in an effective way. It includes insights, tips, and examples of Swift utilization. Though this blog does not get updated regularly, the few published writing, it is still the best source to learn Swift.

2. SoSoSwift

On SoSoSwift, beginners can find articles, blogs, videos, tutorial and libraries to develop an application for iOS and OS X. Any developer can add its own idea on SoSoSwift. Thus, beginners can find different ideas for similar concepts posted by experts.

3. Swift Cheat Sheet

Swift includes a lot of syntaxes that would be hard to understand all at once. Hence, a Swift cheat sheet is available for developers for quick reference. The Swift cheat sheet is created by profession developers and it summarizes a numerous Swift syntax, all in one page.

4. SwiftLang

SwiftLang is another good source to learn Swift. It has a collection of references from different sources together. SwiftLang also has its own forum where developers can ask their doubts about Swift language.


It is necessary for Swift app development company to hire expert developers to complete project requirements within given time span.Swift has a lot of potentials to create productive iOS applications. Now Swift is also used for developing an application for wearable devices like iWatch and VR gears.

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