If you had two plumbers to choose from and one had written a book. Which plumber would you choose? Most people would want to hire the plumber who wrote the book even if they never read it.

Which Plumber would expect would charge more money for their services?

Reason #1 Expert Status

There is something magical about calling yourself an author, or holding up a CD that you created. You are instantly seen as an expert. When you are seen as an expert, you don't have to sell yourself or your skills and that can make business much better.

Experts can charge more for their services too.

Reason #2 Credibility

When you are confident enough about your skills that you put them into a product to share with others, it displays credibility. People who read your books or listen to your CD's have an easier time getting to know, like, and trust you. That means they will have an easier time buying from you.

Reason #3 Increase Your Business Presence

When you've written a book or released a CD or training program, it opens doors to other publicity opportunities. Radio, television and newspaper interviews could be right around the corner. Free publicity means free advertising!

Reason #4 Expansion into the Global Market

Where services need to keep their business local, books , cds, and training classes can be offered to people around the globe.

Reason #5 Multiple Streams of Income/Passive Income

Information products can generate income even when you are not actively working. Business owners who go on vacation often do so at the expense of an income but books and cds can continue to sell even when you are playing at the beach.

Creating an information product sets you apart from your competition by increasing your expert status and credibility. Every business owner should develop and market an information product as part of an overall marketing plan.

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Brenda Trott , known as the "Make Money In Your Sleep Girl" helps small business owners stop cold calling by coaching them to be the "go-to" person in their field.through social media, book publications and public relations. She also helps them develop a diverse income where they too can make money in their sleep. When she isn't shuttling her kids all over town, she can be seen eating raw cookie dough while her 2 legged friends keep a watchful eye. Author of several how to media marketing books and nominated the best Social Media Strategist in Houston, she has been called upon by ABC radio and other media venues to chime in on the ever changing world of social media. She founded Done4U Media to promote businesses and their owners through attraction marketing and also offers classes to those who are not yet ready to give up their own marketing hat.