It does no harm to be quirky or uniquely appealing in your home decorating style, once in a while! After all, the interiors of your home are distinct reflections of your personality. Just ensure that your taste for the eclectic does not completely turn the decor rules on their head!

Unusual Furniture

To illustrate, you might love to possess a coffee table that has been fashioned in a truly whacky shape. Sofa sets, armchairs, chest of drawers, cabinets, etc, all belonging to the vintage era, should serve to lend that singular touch of the past to the existing modern atmosphere.

Mismatched Upholstery

Experiment with contrasts, in order to achieve that stunning look for your upholstery and backgrounds. If the backgrounds are white or light, use them fruitfully to highlight the vivacious hues of your upholstery. Use unconventional and even eccentric patterns, for deliberate mismatches.

Quirky Posters

Posters are viewed as mere integral parts of any home decor .However, you might like to use them as representations of your innate personality. Towards this end, therefore, go in for a pop figure or even a movie celebrity.

Unique Wall Clocks

For some time, wall clocks had gone out of fashion. Today, they are making a comeback with a bang! This is because innovative designers have come up with pieces to suit every taste. They borrow ideas from the food that we eat, musical notes, cutlery, abstract art, city skylines, and so on.

Lovely Chandeliers

Yes, the traditional ones are expensive. However, you should be able to hunt down items created from reclaimed materials, recycled materials or metals. Of course, the designs are rather abstract in nature.

Colored Staircases

Don’t you become bored, witnessing the same old, brown-colored staircase day after day? If yes, go for a change. Paint your traditional staircase in a thematic manner. The banisters and steps may depict eccentric themes from the musical world, books , nature, and even movies. Do select bold patterns and colors.


If there is sufficient space, place a hammock in your room. Whenever you feel like getting away from it all, just lie down on your swinging bed. In addition, the hammock bed will award you that feeling of being on a healthy vacation.

Ceiling/Wall Lights

Did you know that talented craftsmen are designing unusual wall/ceiling lights from industrial metal pipes? If you did not, you do now! Try them, for they are quite chic-looking.

Do-it-Yourself Lights

Do not throw away your old wine bottles, if you have any in your house. You require some amount of skill to turn these colored bottles into lights for the different rooms in your house. Alternatively, you may just opt to purchase them from online stores. Use them to light up the corners by placing them on low tables. Otherwise, if they provide sufficient brightness, hang them from the ceilings.

Kitchen Utensils

You should be able to use bronze/brass utensils, antique kettles, teacups, hookahs, etc, as decorative items. Place flowers/ferns in them, paste funny/ inspirational quotes on the sides, carve on them, etc. They make for excellent conversation starters.

Never mind, if your home is traditional, modern or classic in style. All you have to do is to let your imagination soar and come up with some trendy/funky ideas. You will definitely find something in the marketplace matching your thoughts and budget. Even artists, designers and sellers are aware of the booming demand for innovative and novel home decoritems.

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