Here is a story about a man who finally gives up everything to find complete and utter peace .

Once there was a man who had a wonderful wife and two children and he had a great job. But he always felt separate from God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. And so he started doing meditation and when he first started his meditation it was difficult, to say the least. He had never sat in one spot for so long, on the average he was always running here and there and always needed something to do. But with time he settled down because he started to notice how jumpy and crazy his mind really was. On the average, he could not go 3 seconds without some kind of thought running through his head. And finally, he came to the conclusion that this is really not good… “I am not in control of my mind”. And thus he started to meditate for longer periods of time until he reached 2 hours daily. And even then he would have good days and not so good days of meditation … but he was putting in the time and eventually it got better.

And at work, he thought he was in complete control, and if anyone said anything negative to him he would blow up and get angry. And then it hit him one day that there was no control at all. He was being a puppet to his mind that was full of pride and needed to use force to clamp down on situations and thus bring everything back under his watchful eye. But that never worked, the more he got angry the more other people resisted and then the situation really got out of control.

While meditating one day it hit him that there is no such thing as control and that he was making things worse by trying to control everyone and everything. It was a great wake-up call for him… thus he vowed to change his ways and stop being a control freak. And it was amazing how people responded to his kindness, and thus the feeling in his office became positive and uplifting within a few weeks.

And because of doing his meditation and sitting in silence he started to notice his eating habits . He noticed that when he was stressed he would eat anything especially foods that were salty, fattening, or sweet. And thus he would feel good for a while and then would crash and feel bad within an hour or two. And thus he decided he was really not in control of his eating habits at all. So he decided he would start eating right, and not allow his emotions to control what he was eating. And within two weeks he started feeling better… and not only that… he looked healthier, had more energy, and lost 10 pounds.

Plus, he noticed the more he surrendered his whole life to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit the better things seem to be. Not that everything was always hunky-dory all the time… not at all. But the more he let go and let God, the more he surrendered to his Higher Power… life flowed easily and he was feeling good.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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