In the UK, when incorporating a company, the term company formation is often used. The term is used interchangeably with company registration. Just like in every other business, you may talk of a cheap company formation depending on a number of services rendered to you by an agent or other company formation services. You may want to compare different service companies before deciding on which would be affordable for you.

In the event that you are about registering a company, there are some processes you will need to know as you go along, including an address service, particularly if you don’t yet have an official one yet.

The process of forming a company

When registering a company in the UK, you have between going through an electronic method or with a paper filling mode directly with the company House. The company House is responsible for company registration in the UK.

To go for a paper filing mode directly in the company House, it would cost initial payment of 20 pounds excluding other payments involving witnessing documents and others. In all, registering a company cost less than a 100 pounds altogether.

Some documentation that you should be aware for company formation UK are memorandum of association, article of association and form INO1.

With an electronic process, you can have a company incorporated just about the time you finish up with the process the same day.

Not having an office address should not stop you from starting up

No doubt, there is need to have a location before deciding to register a company. This address would be where every correspondence from the company House would be sent to. However, Company house would not reject your application if you have your residence as you start up office address.

To bridge this gap and to give your company a brand that is of standard with business realities, using an office address service provider would be a viable option for many intending start-ups who have no other particular location except their private residence.

Reputable address Service Company would render service in a choice location for your company in both an office address and a director’s service address. With that, you can have your company registration with a registered office address which is a lot more professional than using a residential address.

A London address is will set you up with a good reputation

What will it look like having a company formation with a London address? Definitely, it would add a strong brand status to your company name. A service that provides a London service address is therefore, setting your business among a class and so would make people relate with your brand better. That would for sure help in patronage and give confidence to your prospective customers who ordinarily may not want to if you have to use your private residence as a company address.

A company formation with registered address such as London can give your business that lift beyond your imagination .

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