In this modern age of computer and technology, one must install Microsoft office. Microsoft Office is available on the market since last 20 years. There are many benefits of using Office and in this article, I will explain you some of the important ones.

Before we go into the detail let me tell you the requirements of your computer system to download and install it.

Microsoft Office Requirements

Like other programs, Office has not very high requirements. Let me tell you the minimum requirements.

Processor: Pentium 4
RAM: 256mb
Hard Disk: 20GB
Graphics Card: 8mb
Windows: Support almost all the Windows including XP and 7

These are some of the minimum requirements that you must fulfill to install it.

Benefits of using Microsoft Office

There are many benefits of using it but here I will discuss some of the best one.

If you want to make a presentation for your school or office then this is the software which you need. There is also a power point program which is also very suitable to make presentations.

Like WordPad Office could also be used to write different stuff of your need like articles etc.You can also draw charts and make calculations. You can store lots of data. Microsoft Word is also a very good program to create data. You can create pages to store your data accordingly.

You can save all your data on your USB stick and you do not have to print everything.


There are countless benefits of using Microsoft Office. I highly recommend you to use it and you will see that you have installed something on your PC which worth it.

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