The remarkable surge in smartphones users has motivated many entrepreneurs to transform from desktop to mobile devices. Today, enterprise mobile app development is considered as one of the flourishing areas as it has largely revolutionized the execution of different business tasks. Since the launch of Swift programming, it has become a trending topic in application development market.

Foremost iPhone app development companies feel very sure that Swift is the right platform for iOS app development as it is fully featured and easily available language. Businesses have identified huge opportunities in developing enterprise applications with Swift programming. It provides them with several functionalities that improve the user experience, customer engagement, and revenue.

Application market has experienced a sudden rise of new inventions like cloud computing, big data, IoT in recent few years. These new technologies can easily be implemented in Swift applications. Swift offers developers functional and high-quality coding environment to maintain the performance level of application. There is no doubt that it has become an effective language to create responsive, immersive, and customer facing enterprise application.


Swift has been receiving a worldwide praise from professional iOS application developers. They have referred Swift as next big coding language for iPhone application development. The team at LinkedIn has selected to use Swift for their SlideShare application development. Swift has a syntax which is easy to understand and it is more expressive due to its English-like coding structure. Many developers are now choosing Swift over Objective-C because of its functional programming and safety features.

Why Businesses Need Swift?

Swift is open source language. This the main reason why Swift is most preferred language for iOS application development. Most of the times, iOS developers can not afford expensive resources to develop enterprise mobile applications. Swift provides open source libraries and flexibility to build contextual applications on latest versions of iOS. Also, cloud-based applications are emerging widely in the market. This move has encouraged developers to indulge themselves into iOS app development for eCommerce, CRM, messaging, and more.

Swift is the right choice for businesses who demands development of interactive application in shorter time period. Because Swift helps to bring realistic experience to access online business services. Swift saves business budget significantly as they are compiled codes. In other languages, server compiles the source code which needs computing resources every time. This means Swift involves less hardware and more scalability. Swift makes enterprise application development dynamic in following ways:

1. Reduces Initial App Size:

Many enterprise-based applications load slowly in smartphones. But, Swift applications use dynamic libraries as these libraries directly loaded into memory by cutting down initial app size. This activity ultimately improves the application performance.

2. Multi-Faceted Language:

Swift is a multi-faceted programming language that allows development of all types of iOS applications. iOS developers can developed commonly used enterprise application to advanced Apple Watch app.

Features Of Swift Programming Language

Swift provides numerous benefits to application developers. The enterprise applications built with Swift are robust and more effective. Following are the key features of Swift:


Applications developed with Swift are compatible with the latest and previous iOS versions. Because the Swift applications have Xcode Swift runtime dynamic libraries fixed within the application bundle. These libraries allow consistent and seamless performance on a different versions of Swift as well as iOS. Swift app developers can now submit the application in AppStore along with dynamic libraries. Application and libraries are digitally signed with development certificate to confirm the integrity.


Developers can use Objective-C code inside the Swift program and vice versa. Therefore application can benefit the best features and patterns of both languages. The interoperability help to keep application code layout native to either Objective-C or Swift.


Type interface is one of the key features of Swift programming which makes it safe. The type-interface reduces the coding length. It uses default setting unless specified by a special keyword. This will help developers to avoid false coding due to false input values. Swift has also eliminated the null pointer concept which is used in Objective-C.

Swift generates the compiler error whenever developers use null-pointer variables in a source code. It also generates small feedback loop and warns developers to avoid the null-pointer variables.

Easy To Maintain

In Objective-C, developers need to manage two different files to improve the efficiency and build time of an executable application. Swift programs files are easier to maintain. Swift programs do not need to handle two file requirement. The Xcode and LLVM compilers of Swift automatically determine the dependencies and perform the incremental build in the program. Swift merges the Objective-C header (.h) file and implementation (.m) file into single code file (.swift)


Things have changed dramatically since iPhone app development companies started using Swift. The application developed with Swift has the ability to provide seamless user experience through its remarkable features. There is no doubt that Swift is taking iOS application development to the new height in the industry.

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