Hair transplant is a procedure in which healthy hair follicles from the donor site of the scalp (mostly the side and back portion of the head) are extracted and induced in the recipient area using various methods and techniques. Hair loss and early baldness have become a very common phenomenon these days. The factors attributing to this hair loss problem are: hereditary problems, poor diet , stressful lifestyle etc., This has become a global problem and people are seeking a medical cure to solve baldness. In such cases, a fool proof and successful option available to people is hair transplant. In the western and developed countries, hair transplant procedure costs are exuberant. People start looking for less expensive options without compromising the quality, that is where countries like India plays an important role.

With the recent boom in the medical sector and continuous development, India has become one of the most sought-after destinations for medical treatments. There are many foreign nationals who head to India for various types of health care treatments, ranging from Cancer treatments, cardiac treatments, cosmetic treatments, weight loss etc. Among the treatments provided, India is famous for hair transplant surgeries across the world. India has become a favourite destination as far as medical tourism is concerned. Hair transplant in India is one among the most frequently acquired treatment by means of medical tourism.

Under medical tourism, people have the option of clubbing treatment along with visiting the local tourist attractions, post treatment. Both treatment and pleasure and be easily combined. A dedicated representative is assigned by the medical tourism company, who accompanies the patient to the hospital, explains all the process and procedures along with guiding them about tourist places available to them in India.There are many other reasons why hair transplant in India is famous. The first and the prime reason is the cost of hair transplant in India is just a fraction of the cost incurred by one in the western countries. Even though the costs of hair transplant in India is low, India is equipped with world famous hair transplant surgeons and experienced medical staff. Patients coming to India have a variety of choices to suit their pockets. There are high-end hospitals, mid-level hospitals and the regular hospitals. Every hospital, individually also provide various types of rooms and facilities depending upon ones’ budget and liking one may choose from the available options. Irrespective of the options available, the quality of the treatment is of high quality and at par to the treatments provided in the developed western countries.

In India, all the methods of hair transplant techniques are practised. The FUE, FUT techniques both are practised, whereas the FUT technique is more commonly and widely used as it is most suitable for the advanced stage of baldness.
In an ideal scenario, the patient consults a medical tourism company, the company in return acquires the patient’s medical records, photographs etc., and forwards it to the hospital for the doctor’s review, simultaneously the company explains the patient about the procedure, approximate costs and introduces the patient to the doctors. Eventually, an online appointment is organised by the medical tourism company between the patient and the doctor. After the consultation and the treatment plan is decided upon, the patient agrees and a schedule is finalised for the patient’s visit to India for the actual treatment. Once the patient arrives in India, the associate from the medical tourism company receives him from the airport and escorts to the accommodation area and then for the doctor appointment. After the physical examination, the final treatment plan is decided upon and the date for the surgery is fixed. Depending upon the patient’s baldness and good follicles available, the number of settings and the length of each sitting depends. Due to the advent of latest technology and mechanisms the procedures have become less invasive and tend to heal faster.
Post the treatment is completed, if the patient wishes for a tour of local places in India, the same is organised for him, after which they return to their home country. The regrowth of hair again depends upon the patient’s condition, it may take from four to eight months. Every month the patient has an online consultation with the doctors in India to map the progress of the hair growth and to address difficulties if any.

India has seen many successful hair transplant cases. Many rich and famous people from around the globe have preferred coming to India for a successful hair transplant at a reasonable cost. India is gifted with good climatic conditions to perform the surgeries comfortably to suit the patients. The medical staff is highly trained and is of service minded. They ensure personalised service is provided and the patient’s comfort is of prime importance. Hence one can undoubtedly say that India is indeed a famous destination for hair transplant.

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