Did you know that the need to be liked is driven by an unconscious strategy trying to protect you from hurt, harm, rejection and humiliation? Did you know that this strategy implemented by the unconscious mind is causing others to lose interest in what you say? Others will feel weird in your company but unsure as to why, and they will respond to you by distancing themselves. Did you know the need to be liked is causing you to lose your charisma, natural attractiveness and others’ interest without you even knowing why?

If you would like to know why this need has taken over your mind and would like to gain some control back over your life, read on – this article will shed some light for you.

Why do you have this need living inside of you? How is it benefitting you? You believe the following:

This need better helps me to be liked… helping me to feel more confidence in myself that others like me.

I believe that this thing will make me feel like a good, moral person.I believe it will protect me from ending up alone.

If this is what you believe, the following short exercise will begin to unlock the lies stuck in your unconsciousness. Read the following to yourself.

The need to be liked motivates me to try and get others to like me, so that I can feel safe and secure, confident in myself, high self-worth, carefree, spontaneous, able to freely express myself, in control of myself, calm, in control of my mind, indifferent to the opinions of others, like a good, mature person who is able to be myself.

So therefore;

The need to be liked makes me feel: safe and secure, confident, whole, in control of myself, carefree, like I’m a good person, free, fully expressed, able to be myself, indifferent to the thoughts and opinions of others, at peace with myself, free and emotionally independent.

If you were to follow the logic of this need and really notice how it makes you feel, if we’re being honest, the need to be liked actually makes you feel; unsafe, insecure, needy, desperate, like you have no solid sense of self, out of control, shameful, embarrassed of yourself, angry, anxious, grumpy, frustrated, panicked, dependent, stuck in your head, confused, no discernment, you make bad choices, you feel blocked, isolated, distanced, mental confusion, boring, like there’s something wrong with you, limited, sad, and just like ‘what’s the point?’

So why is this thing living inside of you?

To further understand this need and how you are relating to it in the world; the first step is to understand what caused it to develop within you.

Over a decade ago it was discovered that unconscious memories are alive and static things. Old memories such as rejection, humiliation, bullying etc. unconsciously prepare individuals through a strategy, which is to get others to like them in order to render themselves safe from re-experiencing the unconscious pain again.

The only problem is that whilst this need is inside of you, your ability to attract the opposite of how you feel is almost impossible. This is because every time these memories are triggered within you, you are unconsciously trying to compensate by protecting yourself from the old hurt. Therefore as opposed to being confident, carefree, spontaneous and at peace , every time you are around others, you are constantly being triggered on an unconscious level for this emotional landmine stored inside of you. As a result; you get hijacked by this thing every time you are in the presence of others. Sounds exhausting right?

Through The Mind Resonance Programming approach, it has been discovered that you can systematically restore yourself back to a naturally confident, charismatic, carefree individual with a natural ability to engage in spontaneous, authentic conversations.

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