When we have dreams of a divine being with us it’s very auspicious. It’s very meaningful because those divine beings only show up when they want to. No one can force a divine being to show up in a dream.

Personally, I’ve had a divine being come to me in a dream… it was Jesus, Buddha, and all the rest… and I recognized who they were right away and I got down on my knees and kissed their feet.

What Does This Mean

To have a divine being come to a person in a dream is pretty amazing… and it means there’s something that this divine being wants us to know. Something that needs to be remembered, something that needs to be opened up, or something that needs to be taken care of, or some message that needs to be imparted to us. And there are many dreams where divinity shows up which are hard to understand… and only a great divine being with all their divine knowledge knows the bigger picture and understands the meaning.

You Too Can Have a Divine Being Come to You

First, ask a divine being to come to you, be very sincere in asking, and be willing to do whatever your divine being ask you to do… in order to have them grace you with their divine presence in a dream. Sometimes this means following the still small voice from your heart all the time and not allowing the negative voice to take over. To follow the path of love, to follow the path of patience, to follow the path of forbearance, and follow the path of truth. For if a person follows this four-fold path and keeps asking for great Spirit, The Universe, and God to come to them in a dream they will oblige sooner or later. But please have patience, this all happens in God’s time.

Listen and Do Whatever They Say

If a divine being comes to you… then for sure please do whatever it says. Their message is important, and that message was brought to you for a reason. We may not understand the message, but whatever needs to be done, be sure to do it in order make sure that everything works out according to the divine plan. Sometimes their message can even be a warning telling us to not go on a trip or to not do some business deal or something else.

Lots of People Have Divine Angelic Beings Come to Them

Lots of people have had divinity come to them, and even angels come to them, to let them know something important. In fact, some friends of mine had such a dream and they were going to fly to a business meeting the next day. And the dream said they should not attend. And low and behold the building burned down and lots of people were hurt. So it’s important to heed divine messages from divine angelic beings.

Have You Had a Divine or Angelic Being Come to You?

Let me know… I would love to hear your story.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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