OCR which stands for Optical Character Recognition is a form of technology that lets specialized software to give an interpretation of printed texts that are on scanned images. There is software that is used for image data extraction and which employs the OCR technology in data automation with regards to machine printed forms. When you have different kinds of forms having the same format, all that you need is OCR to be able to convert the different areas of the page into data that can be used. You also need advanced image search and classification software so you can be able to locate data elements that are common on any kind of forms that present with different formats.

There are different places where you can use image data extraction software but some of the most common include the reading of data that is sound in different electronic documents including PDF files, Excel files and other files found in MS word documents. This software can also use OCR to recognize Handprint Data forms as well as automatically sorting and classifying documents. If your organization does any work that involves any form of data entry into databases coming from paper documents or perhaps PDF, Excel of MS Word files you can be sure that you will benefit a great deal from image search and classification software.

The costs that are associated with any form of text analysis will vary widely and this will be determined by what type or the amount of documents that you are dealing with. If you are dealing with a simple image data extraction project you have every reason to purchase image recognition software since it will save you a few days of struggling with data entry every time you have to do it. However, when you are dealing with a huge and complicated project that has different kinds of documents and a lot of unstructured data you can be sure that investing in image data extraction software will help you to offset hundreds of man hours that could have been employed in data entry.

If you have a large organization that has different departments performing data entry tasks from different kinds of documents you may find it easier if the departments would share the budget for acquiring NLP solution & sentiment analysis software so that it can still be used for other projects. This is especially important in a situation where you feel like your current project is not big enough to justify spending money buying image search and classification software; when you combine the current project with one or two others you can be sure that you will get a god return on investment.

While price may be the biggest factor that most people worry about when considering image data extraction software, you should also consider the amount of time and expertise that is required in for its installation. If the staff in your IT department is not familiar with OCR applications it is highly recommended that you hire a consulting service to help you out with its configuration.

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