When we are weak we do a great injustice to our guiding light within. But when we are full of strength we imbue our spirit with great power.

Mental, physical, and spiritual strength are all vital and essential for life. Faith is the precursor to all three, and all three come from the heart. We have lines of energy that spring forth from the heart that creates mental, physical, and spiritual strength to every part of the body.

Have confidence in yourself— for confidence is the foundation for all strength.

To build a tall building a deep and well-grounded foundation is needed. And to have a great spiritual foundation means having great confidence in your abilities which helps to create strength.

Uplift Your Heart

Uplift your heart with great joy and happiness no matter where you go and what you do. Being despondent is the root of all weakness.

Being envious of anyone or anything injects toxins into the heart and thus decay sets in and despondency takes over. Remember if anything happens, be it joyful or full of sorrow— dedicate all of it to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit for God brings everything to you in order that you might learn lessons.

In this way, you will find contentment no matter what befalls you mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Give service to others, for they too feel weak and need your help to stand tall and overcome despondency. Thus you are the instrument of God, a tool of recovery for many a soul. So go out and do whatever it is that makes your soul sing— that you might help those in need.

Do thy work with God, the Universe, and Great Spirit in Mind.

This is the greatest gift that God can receive. At the same time, you are uplifting your karma and washing away all the negative energy of the past. Devote your time and energy in service to the world irrespective of the final results—the results do not matter. It’s all about doing what you can do, trying to help, no matter if you succeed or fail. It’s the idea that you tried that makes all the difference in the world— and perhaps next time things will be different.

The ideal way of giving service— is with the thought that God dwells in all beings. 

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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