“We Have 360 Distinctly Different Senses”

If we go back in time to around 3,000 BC during the Golden Age those civilizations believed we had lots of different senses, more than just the regular five senses that everyone knows about. And this information was passed to them via Great Spirit.

Right now we have a huge amount of senses that we take for granted such as:

Pressure - We have special pressure sensitive areas of our skin that tell us if we have pressure on our skin and inside our organs.

Tension - We have special sensors in our body that tell us when we have tension in our muscles, skin, GI tract, and other areas of our body.

Hunger - We have special sensors in our body that tell us when we are hungry otherwise we would waste away.

Balance - We have balance sensors in our ears that tell us when we are upright and level and when the world gets turned upside down.

Itch - We also have special itch receptors that are different from the regular touch sensors… thus we can tell when we have a rash or insect bite.

Thirst - We have special thirst receptors in our body that tell us when we need to drink water so we can rehydrate. Otherwise, we would die if we didn’t know when to drink water and stay hydrated.

Time - We have special parts of our brain that tell us exactly what amount of time has passed. And there have been lots of studies showing that we can be extremely accurate at telling how much time has passed.

Direction - We also have special parts of our brain that work like a compass that helps us find our way across the globe. Geese and other birds are not the only ones that have this special gift. Studies show that especially when we are young we have a great ability to tell which way we are going… if we use these abilities daily.

Proprioception - We also have the ability to tell when our arms are over our head, where are legs are in relation to the rest of our body and more… all without using our eyes.

Pain - We have pain receptors in our body that sense when we have pain. Pain is very important it keeps us alive because if we get cut and we have pain it gets our attention so we can take action.

And this list could go on and on… for you see we have 360 different senses… most of which we are not using in this day and age because we have forgotten about most of them. All of this information was given to us thousands of years ago but we lost all of this. Now man is waking up and thus we will remember we are much more than flesh and blood.

It’s time to remember all 360 senses… for we are pure awareness.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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