If someone had asked me about virtual offices ten years ago, I would probably look confused. This is because a while back ago, this term was in the design phase or was still in theoretical form in the minds of intellectuals all around the globe. The rapid growth in computer technology along with high-speed internet has made virtual office a reality. The term is now very popular everywhere.

A typical office has physical space with many rooms and is located in a building. A virtual office simulates this, but online. Thus there is no need for a tangible room. The normal office work, like telephone answering, employee co-ordination, mail forwarding, etc. all are done virtually.

Freevirtualoffice.co.ke is one of the companies that offer virtual office services online. It is based in the United Kingdom. The virtual office platform offers a cost-effective way of having a commanding business presence without the huge cost of maintaining a physical space. This means that you can have the benefits of having a registered London business address even if you are working from home. The platform is perfect for big companies and startups, or alternatively those simply looking to have a London office.


Virtual office has many advantages to offer for business startups and entrepreneurs which in clude:

1. Affordable

There is no need for a physical office space in a virtual office. This means reduced cost in setting up a company. The fee normally paid to local authorities is also cancelled.

2. Better and Flexible Management

With the advent of the internet, the world has truly become a global village. Communication of people from different countries in different continents is now possible through computers in just a matter of seconds. Sending of files can be done instantly. A virtual office provides these benefits to have efficient and flexible management. Therefore, the management of a company’s human resource along with different projects becomes easier.

3. Time-saving

In avirtual office, every work is done virtually. Therefore, the normal office tasks, like mail forwarding, telephone answering, client co-ordination, etc. are all done online in the platform. This process is faster than the old manual method that is found in normal offices. For example, sending a mail manually will take one to two days to get to its destination.

4. Increased Productivity

If a company has better management, it’s obvious for that business to do well. A virtual office makes this a reality. Time is saved and the cost of setting up a business or maintaining it is also reduced. All these benefits will assist any company to grow rapidly in the right way with high profits.

5. Better Features and Capabilities

Most virtual office platforms offer superior vendor’s space that can be used by many clients for meetings or conferences. This will go a long way in positively branding a startup as a professional. Thus the company will have a common ground with larger organizations nearby.

It is true that with a virtual office, there is more than what meets the eye. The advantages surely out weigh the disadvantages. For startups and entrepreneurs , this is the right direction for you.

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