In recent times, there is a resurgence been experienced with vinyl pressing or record pressing. This is due to the increasing demands of some fans who want their favorite bands to offer a vinyl version for their songs. Bands are increasingly demanding for vinyl pressing in London, so as to be able to meet this demand of their fans to keep them happy. In line with this, this article will give a general information about vinyl pressing or record pressing, so that bands can know what to expect when they want to make a vinyl pressing or record pressing for their albums.


There are usually several questions that will come to the mind of an individual when he wants to do a vinyl pressing or record pressing for their album. One of the most important questions will be what quantity of music can each side of my vinyl CD hold? This is especially when this will be the first time that such an individual will want to do a vinyl or tape, since it has been a long time this style of music recording was last use.

Difference between a cassette and CD

The reason why some fans are requesting for vinyl versions, is probably because they were already used to cassettes that usually comes with Sides A or 1and B or 2. During these times, the band will be required to divide the song they want to tape on the cassette into 2 equal parts. One side will be recorded on the side A or 1, while the other part will be divided on the side B or 2. On the other hand, CDs do not have a Side A or Side B, neither do they have a side 1 or side 2. In line with this, the songs were just dubbed directly on the CD. With Vinyl Pressing, it is now possible to give fans a similar tape by having a side A or 1 and Side B or 2 on your recording.

Doing Vinyl Pressing for your CD

If you intend to do Vinyl pressing for your CD, you do not have to use the challenging technique for cassettes, which usually entailed determining the longer track and putting on the side A and then doubling the longest side and putting on the side B. All you have to do is provide 2 CDRs, one CDR for the pressing and another CDR for the vinyl. The CDR for the vinyl pressing will be designated with sides A and B. Tracks 1 to 5 might be designated on side A and tracks 6 to 10 designated on track B. There are different formats for CD vinyl pressing. There is 45 and 33 LP as well as 7” and 12”. In line with this, you will have 4 to 4.5 minutes for each side on 7” 45 LP and 6 to 6.5 minutes on every side for 7” 33LP. You can get up to 20 to 21 minutes for 12” 33 LP, even though the ideal quantity is 18 minutes.

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