Cats are great pet and we all love them. Their friendly company gives us feeling of joy and happiness. I personally have notice that my mode lights up when I see cat or I am with cats. Moreover, they also cat as our friends when we need them. All these things are great. As a cat owner it’s your responsibility to take care of our cats and work on our cat health. Many don’t pay much attention to their cat health and other potential issue that can harm our cats. Not paying attention to cat your cat health can lead serious daises and can reduce your cat’s lifespan. You should also aware of certain conditions or events like cat pregnancy and also about cat physiology to change your cat behaviors.

Cat food and myths

Food is important part of everybody and one should take this very seriously. You should know what your cat needs on daily bases for proper health.

Dry food is healthy for their teeth

At the point when was the last time you ate a modest bunch of saltines and felt your teeth were cleaner thereafter? This is absolutely a creation of the pet sustenance industry.

Kibble requires a substantial extent of sugars for preparing - something needs to stick whatever is left of the fixings together. Indeed "grain free" kibbles have substituted different carbs, similar to potato or sweet potato for the corn and soy that are omnipresent in most business dry nourishment. Felines are commit carnivores, and in the wild would eat ZERO extent starches in their eating regimen. When I see a patient with terrible teeth- - loads of tartar, aroused gums- - I put it on a crude sustenance abstain from food with probiotics, and the teeth are by and large perfect and solid in a month and a half.


The "measures" for the pet nourishment industry were produced without anyone else's input - the controllers and the directed being one and the same. The essential objectives for pet nourishment makers is to make their item speaking to the purchaser, and to boost benefits inside those rules created by.... themselves. There is astoundingly little research moving down the vast majority of these rules, and ALL of it was paid for by- - you got it- - Hills, Iams, Eukanuba and Science Diet .

While most people have a sufficiently hard time encouraging themselves an adjusted, sound eating regimen, a great deal less their pets , right now, it is difficult to contend that exceptionally prepared nourishments are more beneficial than non-handled ones.

Cat pregnancy

Most cat owner don’t know a thing about cat pregnancy and cat can be pregnant as young as 6 weeks old. So, this is something you should know as cat owner.

Work out

There is no compelling reason to constrain a feline's typical movement amid pregnancy . Cats are genuinely great at figuring out what they may or may not be able to as a pregnancy advances, and they ought to get ordinary practice amid this opportunity to keep up muscle tone and great wellbeing. This will eventually make the birth less demanding and more secure.


Giving appropriate sustenance is the most vital thing you can accomplish for your feline and her little cats. Bolster her the most elevated quality sustenance, however be cautious about supplements. Supplements can toss sustenance out of adjust and hurt more than they help, so just utilize supplements under veterinary supervision.

Around four weeks into pregnancy you ought to start expanding her sustenance. Numerous raisers suggest blending cat nourishment into her typical sustenance now and keep offering this eating routine until she completes the process of nursing. As the little cats develop and consume up room inside her body, the feline will eat littler, more successive dinners. Free bolstering functions admirably, and on the off chance that you can't free sustain, the feline will require the chance to eat a few times each day. Amid the most recent week of pregnancy, she will eat each three to four hours. A day or two preceding she conceives an offspring she may quit eating totally.

Amid the last three to four weeks and keeping in mind that nursing, a pregnant feline ought to eat around two to four circumstances her ordinary measure of sustenance.

Therapeutic Care

Converse with your general vet and see whether you can get in touch with him/her on the off chance that you have a crisis. Additionally, keep your vet's crisis contact data helpful. Maintain a strategic distance from prescriptions and de-worming if conceivable. At whatever point conceivable, worming ought to be done before a reproducing happens on the grounds that these parasites can be very unsafe to the mother and can likewise be passed to the cats. There are a few solutions for worms that are protected to use amid pregnancy, yet most are definitely not. Converse with your vet in the event that you presume your feline has worms

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