The first days of your newborn baby are very special. A newborn changed because the day. When you book a newborn shoot you sure you can stick this beautiful memory in a beautiful portrait. So read below more about newborn photography!

Be relaxed and take your timeMake a beautiful baby works better when baby is at his / her convenience. It is therefore important that the person who makes the picture is relaxed. The first day / days after birth are often very hectic and unpredictable. Also, some babies as a result of childbirth not yet unblemished face. Do not expect that you immediately can make the perfect shot, which only gives stress. Give yourself time! A birth chart is a wonderful reminder of the birth of your baby. It would be a shame if you regret afterwards because you've rushed a picture. In addition, a newborn baby after two or three different poses picture is often done. So do not expect too much.

TemperatureMake sure the room where the baby is photographed has a pleasant warm temperature. Babies can keep themselves because not warm yet. Babies will be much more relaxed in a warm room. Also note that any accessories, blankets, stuffed animals also have a temperature. Start early to raise the temperature of space. Alternatively you could use an electric heater.

Satisfied and happy babyMost babies are paid immediately after feeding and satisfied. Making it the most babies also the best time to take the pictures. Keep in mind that the baby immediately after feeding by pushing the baby in various poses, can go spit.

Ground and backgroundThe trend now is to make a baby on a light background with possibly a few color accents. For example, use a nice white thick knit plaid or a sheepskin.

Natural lightIt is recommended to use natural light when you want to photograph the newborn baby. By using natural light enters the soft face of the child's best advantage. Try to make the baby near a window, but paying careful attention that the baby is not in the sun and no shadow occurs when shooting. Keep in mind that you are not shooting against the light. Try to shoot the light in the back. All details are lost when shooting against the light. Light side can give beautiful effects.

No flash photographyWe recommend not to use flash, if you want to photograph a baby. Through the use of flash sometimes occur 'hard edges' to the perimeter and creates a shadow edge faster. In addition, the baby can scare flashlight. The best thing is to use natural light.

Sharp eyesMake sure that the eyes of your child always sharp in the picture. By using a zoom lens, it may be that not all parts of e.g. the face or body completely sharp in the picture. This can give a very nice effect. However, please note that the eyes are always sharp photographed.

Different perspectivesTry to photograph the baby from different angles. It often gives a very nice effect when you are at the same height. For example, when you lie on your stomach when you go to take a picture of the baby.

Details: Also make some extra pictures. For example, only the hands or feet. If you are not professional or not equipped with better equipments, don't spoil your most special day and hire an expert Baby & Newborn Photographer to capture the most beautiful moments of your life.

Go first practiceIt is wise to preview photos before the baby is born, so you have a better idea of how you can best tackle after birth and spend less time with inventing the most practical option. Use as a model example, a doll or a stuffed animal. Keep the best pictures of the test session also close to the 'real thing', so that you have in your head how you can shoot the best.

Good luck!

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Misty Jhones