It might seem suspicious for a photographer to give tips on how to best choose a photographer. You would think that the first four tips would be "Choose me", but as a photographer I know I'm not the best match for each couple, and that's fine. I also know it is not easy to choose a particular photographer. As a couple you often get too different opinions of people around you based on their experience and knowledge. It will not make things easier.

Nevertheless, I would like to share with you my many based on my experiences as a photographer.

I've been thinking a lot about what I do and why, and it has become clear to me what I think is important. This I have translated into a few tips. These tips are things I've learned to appreciate over the years and what you might you benefit from it as a photographer.

Here are the six best tips I can give to a couple like you who their wedding plans and are looking for a photographer. I hope they are helpful.

1. Think Carefully Before you Start Something
This applies to every decision you make and is the beginning of your marriage . Make it yours. Finds a way to take all the things you find important. Do not feel that you must do what the professionals say. Do not you want to see each other before marriage ? Do not do it!

Many photographers and wedding planners will exert pressure in order to have more time for portraits. Would you like to have a "first look"? Do it. The point is to decide how you want to organize your day and find photographer agrees to it.

Remember that this day is about your marriage and not for the photo shoot. Plan it as you like it and not vice versa.

2. Look For The TimesThis has to do with style but it is also related to tip # 1. I believe that the important moments in your wedding day value. Not every than posed pictures as you put them on your 25th wedding anniversary once looking back. What are photographed moments? Compare their words with their pictures. They also deliver what they promise?

3. Eye For Budget
We all have a budget. Looking at a photographer, remember that price is not everything. The most expensive may not be the best but you get what you pay for in many ways. There are many who call themselves professionals. Some are, some are not. Some are inexperienced, but great photographers.
Keep in mind that photos last longer than the food or flowers. If photography for you is important then try to reserve a larger portion of your budget. Even if the price of the photographer is higher, you can let him know that it is beyond your budget and what you are there to have a reservation. Sometimes you can still come together, sometimes not. It can not hurt to ask.

4. Ask AroundFriends are often the best source for finding a photographer, but do not blindly their advice. If a friend recommends a photographer ask what they have got and see all the photos. Are the photos fun to watch? It is much the same whether it is overwhelming? Would you like to have these pictures of your wedding?

Ask about their experience with the photographer. How was his presence during the day?

There is so much more than just good photos. Ask all about your friends.

5. Think Before You DoThink in advance what you expect from a photographer before sending an email or calling. Explain which a photographer you want and what kind of pictures you expect from him. There are many different photographers with equally varying results. Shop for the long term. Photographers differ not only in quality but also in style. Some make beautiful portraits, but less strongly with the good moments and vice versa. If you are in South Australia, You can book a photographer which is amazing at what he does, but if that's not your style does not make much sense. The best bike is not enough if you are looking for a car.

Look for an expert in Wedding photography Byron bay who can deliver you the results that you are looking for, for the budget that you had in mind and the accompanying quality.

6. Search For The ClickIf you are convinced to choose a particular photographer, it may be that it "clicks" no. There are plenty of other photographers. Look for someone whose style and approach best suits you and is equally keen to create memorable wedding through photos.

Remember, photographers can be good resources. Ask what you want to know. Determine what you want and most importantly, enjoy all the preparations leading to the wonderful adventure of marriage!

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Misty Jhones