We live in a world where anything can happen. You may become a victim of a car or truck accident, motorcycle accident, medical malpractice or even wrongful death of loved member. All these activities necessitate for two things. You either get a personal lawyer to take care of your legal needs or learn some basics about the law. Whichever way you decide to go for, Parnall Law can be your reliable partner. They will represent you in any legal proceeding and get the best settlement for you. At the same time, they will also teach you some basics about personal injury law such as:

Personal Injury law basics

This is a legal proceeding brought in front of the court to solve issues related to a wrongful conduct. The only difference with criminal proceedings is that with personal injury, the government does not prosecute the defendant. Instead, these cases involve a plaintiff who alleges that a wrongful act has been implicated to him by the defendant. In most cases, the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff who is seeking monetary compensation or an apology. What people don’t understand is that these cases follow the discipline of negligence. The rule of every land requires all citizens to act responsibly. However, one should be aware that negligence does not occur every time one person hurts the other. There are some unavoidable circumstances that could not have been prevented. For a plaintiff to receive any form of damages from these lawsuits, they must prove that the defendant acted irresponsibly. An example of negligence is a car accident that has been caused by a drunk driver.


Negligence may consist of many actions such as infliction of emotional distress, theft, trespass as well as false imprisonment and battery. Assault is another form of negligence that can result in injuries to the plaintiff. In case the defendant is being sued for defective products, they can argue that the plaintiff failed to use due care. They can also argue that the patient is partly to blame for the injuries. If you want to win these cases and arguments, you should contact an experienced attorney.

Statutes of Limitations

According to the law, there is a timed window by which the plaintiff should make their case. This is what is referred to as the statute of limitation. However, they differ from one case to the other. For instance, the statute limitation for personal injury cases such as medical malpractice or wrongful termination is two years. Other cases such as sexual harassment and slander have a longer statute of limitation of five years. This also differs from the state you come from. Unlike laws used to prosecute criminals, the personal injury law is not written in the constitution. Instead, judges make rulings depending on previous rulings or depending on research that has been written by scholars. However, the legislature has the mandate to make these laws. A good example of this scenario is when the legislature passed the worker's compensation act to protect employees from exploitation by employers.

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