From preventing cancer to lowering cholesterol—the benefits offered by Olive Oil  are too many to count. And, they’re unrivalled as well. The day breaks with newer information derived from scientific researches about this oil. It has become an integral part of urban kitchens in India but we are yet to toss out the myths that revolve around it. Easily available in the supermarkets and local grocery stores, this oil came in as an answer to all the concerns posed by the highly publicized commercial oils. The growing demand of this oil reinforces its credibility. Not only has it reinstated faith in cooking oils, it is the flag bearer of happy hearts all over the world. Here we initiate our efforts towards knowing “our health restoring friend” a little better.

Did you know?

  • Even few years ago this oil was used as baby  massage oil.
  • Most oils in the market are derived from the seeds whereas olive oil is from the fruit of the Olive tree.
  • Backed by polyphenols and Vitamins A & D, this oil combats health perils effectively thus lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and preventing heart problems, diabetes and cancer.
  • Next time when you colour your eye lids with the eye shadow know this that the first eye shadow was made by mixing charcoal with olive oil.
  • Storing it in a dark green colour bottle can protect it from light and heat.
  • Olive oil is good for skin and is a reliable antioxidant owing to its vitamin E and polyphenol content.

Myths and facts: There’s so much to know about this oil!

And.. we continue to explore this virtual “treasure trove of therapeutic benefits!”

Myth #1: You heat it you kill it

Unlikely though the mono- unsaturated fats present in olive oil give it the strength to stand tall against all cooking methods and so the nutritional values are not hampered when cooking .

Myth #2: All olive oils are the same

Olive oils come in multifarious types—i.e. Extra virgin, virgin, pure or refined. The classification is based on the level of polyphenols content. Extra virgin scoring high on the polyphenol scale makes for the most sought-after one.

Myth #3:Go for the ‘Pure’ one!

On the contrary, pure olive oil is a mix of extra virgin oil  and refined oil and is of low quality. Extra virgin oil would be the one to opt for.

Myth #4: Are you calorie conscious? Settle for ‘Light’ olive oil

Light here does not mean healthier and dietary-- it is refined oil instead and calorie marker being the same.

Myth #5 It’s all in the colour!

Actually good quality olive oils can come in all shades and in no way can we distinguish quality by mere observation of its colour.

Labelled as pricey cooking oil its health benefits are unrivalled and as they say“ is the real wealth”. So it is thoughtful to invest in your well being than in the bank. Next time you visit the oil counter of the super market and bargain other seed oils to olive oil take a moment to consider your health over your wallet.

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