There are some beliefs in our world that we trust them blindly. We find them true without researching them, without asking about their origins and without giving them a second thought. Such beliefs are normally known as a myth. Some of these myths now took the shape of taboos. It is true that not all of them are false. Yet the reality is that most of them are just words of mouth nothing else. So we search for the eight myths and truth behind them.

1-Drink 8 Glass of Water:

The every other website, nutritionist, the magazine is advising people special overweight peoples to drink eight glasses of water daily. Water is an essential part of the living thing. Yet water can be obtained through vegetables or fruits too. So one should drink water only when one is thirsty.

2-Hair and Finger keep on growing after Death :

It is believed that hair and fingernails of the human body keep on growing even after the person is dead. This is a totally wrong concept.The fact is the flesh of human body starts decomposing, so hair and nails seems longer via The Daily Moss

3-Milk Produces Mucus:

When is suffering from fever, people advise him not to drink milk or any other dairy product as it will produce mucus in the human body? They are totally wrong in fact the reality is that milk only thickens mucus. Even that thickening is a temporary process.

4-Gums will stay in Body for 7 Years:

Mostly people warn their kids not to eat gums or swallow it as it will not digest and will remain in the body for seven years. Yes, they are true that gum is undigestable, but it will leave the body within next few years in its original shape.

5-Usage of Human Brain:

Teachers and parents always say that a normal person uses its 10% brain in his whole life. Everyone who is saying so is wrong.In fact, every part of the brain has its own functions, and that part is performing it.Though function of some parts of the life is still unknown,

6-GreatWall of China is Visible at Moon:

People believe, and some of them also relate it with Neil Armstrong that Great Wall of China can be seen from the space too. Apollo declined this fact and said that a person can see only white and blue marble like earth. However this is not true, one can

7-Adam and Eve ate Apple:

It is the misconception that Adam and Eve ate an apple as their first fruits. However they are wrong .in Fact they are “forbidden fruit. “Now people take it as Apple. Click here for details.

8-Sushi is raw fish:

Many of us see Sushi food in the menu cards as well as in the list of diet foods which helps in losing weight. All other things can be correct but not sushi as raw fish. In fact, sushi mean sour tasting as it is dipped in vinegared rice.

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