Whether you are dressing for the office or an evening party or an off-shore meeting, accessorising with silver hoop earrings will always add a sparkle to the dress. They are the pieces which are circular or semi-circular in shape and looks very similar to the ring. Sterling silver hoop earrings are worn through a permanent piercing made in the lower ear lobe. They are the pieces which depict fashion, stereotypes and personal style. A small hoop earring is a beautiful way to flaunt in a group of people.

Hoop earrings in silver are a truly ubiquitous piece of jewellery and are available in varieties of size and designs. What differentiates the various types of silver hoops is the mechanism of opening and closing. So have a look at different types of pure silver hoop earrings available online and make a beautiful accent to almost any outfit.

1. Wire-Loop earrings: These kind of hoop earrings are the simplest and oldest style of jewellery. A single wire forms the circular design, with a tiny loop formed at one end and the other end being slightly bent to make a hook. The hooked end passes through the piercing and catches on the looped end. These types of silver earrings can be made using a round wire or a ready-made jewellery wire that has the loop end already fixed.

2. Hinged hoop earrings: Hinged hoop silver earrings are often thicker than the ear piercings and have a thin wire which passes through the ear. One end of this thin wire is hinged while the other end catches or fits into the other end of earrings which is thick. This kind of earrings is designed in such style that they can support a lot of weight securely and has a slight hump to the ear wire which allows the earrings to dangle more freely. They are available in large and small size.

3. Fixed Bead Earrings: This kind of sterling silver hoop earrings look similar to wire loop but has a small bead which is placed at the looped end. The free end of the wire goes through the piercing and into the bead, hiding the actual opening mechanism and making the jewellery harder to lose or snag. The beads can be made from crystal, pearls or metal. To insert or remove the fixed bead silver hoop earrings, the earring must be deformed or bent somewhat. Because of this reason, it is seen in smaller gauge body jewellery.

4. Captive Bear Hoop Earrings: Captive-Bead hoop earrings are the type of jewellery that has a just small gap at the end of the ring. This style of earrings is best for people who a very long-term and never change or take the earrings out. They contain a bead, with two depressions drilled on either side of it which is pinched between the two wire ends. This style is available from very small up to size 0 or larger.

Silver hoop earrings online are inexpensive, attractive and easy to wear accessories that any women can use to flaunt her outfit and looks. They are known for their flexibility, and uniqueness when compared to gold or other metals. They are the pieces which are available in various sizes and styles like large silver hoop earrings , simple yet classic wire loop earrings and much more. Sparkling and stunning hoop earrings in silver are a perfect piece to gift to love ones. Also, they can be worn with any style silver necklace, ring or bracelets.

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