Signs Your Marriage Is Over: Signs Your Marriage Is Failing

Why exactly do you think that your marriage is over? Do you have a valid reason for thinking this way, or are you just assuming that you and your spouse are ready to separate? I'm going to let you in on some of the signs that will indicate to you that your marriage is over, and then you can decide what to do.

Just one of the many signs that a marriage is over, is when your spouse makes a point of not being with you as much as before. When friends invite you to a party, for instance, you make every excuse under the sun to go alone - you don't want time away from your spouse.

Also, communication between the two of you has all but disappeared - you'll rather spend time talking to your friends. In fact, it is almost at the point where you don't even acknowledge that your spouse has said anything to you - you simply ignore him/her.

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The times when you do actually talk to each other ends in an argument, because all you say or do irritates each other no end. Even if you know that what your spouse says is right, just the fact that he/she is speaking to you annoys you.

Are you with me so far? Are any of these signs evident in your marriage? Any of these signs will make you and your spouse feel really uncomfortable with each other, and shouldn't be ignored. These could be signs that your marriage is over, and, whether you stay together or not, you should make a decision as to what to do about it.

If you are still uncertain, then the next sign should really convince you that your marriage is over.

How is the intimate side of your marriage? Is it non-existent? Come on man, this is a slap in the face that your marriage is on deep trouble - you and your spouse just aren't interested in each other anymore!

This is the most important side of a marriage, and yours is totally gone! Why are you even thinking about what to do?

All you and your spouse are achieving at this point is to make each other really, really, unhappy. Your marriage is over and it's time to part company, so that you can both get on with your lives and be happy again.

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I think you'll agree with me that life really is not happy when you start falling out of love with your spouse. It seems as if you are both walking around on eggshells in an attempt to not annoy each other and keep the peace . Only, this is not the way married life should be, so what on earth can you do to get those old loving feelings back again?

This is an easy one for me to answer, because I had precisely the same problem happen in my marriage. Life was really such a drag. Every morning saw me reluctant to get out of bed - another awful day, how do I get through it and still be sane!

This carried on for a while until I thought long and hard about it one day. No-one else can do anything about my situation except me, so it's up to me to pull myself together, make an effort, and try to do something about it.

Are you in this position? At the moment, do you really hate your married life because you seem to be falling out of love with your spouse? Well, obviously the fire has gone out of your marriage. You and your spouse, without realizing it, have forgotten that the two of you are the main players in this thing called marriage.

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So what can you do about it? One very good bit of advice that I can give you, is to talk. Yes, you and your spouse need to sit down and have a very good heart to heart chat about the state of your marriage, and come to an agreement as to what you should do to improve the situation.

Be absolutely honest with your spouse, and tell him/her that, things have become so humdrum in your married life, that you don't feel the same towards him/her anymore. It is vital to talk to your other half when you start falling out of love with your spouse. It is their right to know what is going on.

You'll probably find that you have both become so busy with your jobs, the children, golf with the mates, the book club that you belong to, that you simply have no time for each other anymore. Any number of things can be blamed when you start falling out of love with your spouse.

The great thing is, you seem to have found out in time that there is a problem in your married life, and, if you love each other enough, you can have a lot of fun fixing this problem. Use your imagination to make each other happy, and enjoy getting your marriage back on track again!

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It is such a shock to the system when you realize that all is not well and your marriage is heading for divorce . Unfortunately, many couples don't realize this until it's too late. In some cases, it is really bad, because the two people involved have simply ignored the warning signs for months, sometimes years, and then it is too late to do anything to save the marriage.

Since you are reading this article, it means that you are not one of those who ignore the warning signs. You are one of those people who worry that the marriage that seemed so perfect looks as if it has flaws in it, and you desperately want to do anything you can to save it. In short, your marriage is heading for divorce, and action must be taken immediately.

This is really great - it will make your job that much easier, and a lot more successful as well. I had the same attitude as you when my marriage was in trouble, did something about it right away, and am very happy to say, that we are still married after many years.

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From experience, I can tell you that the first thing you should do is have a heart to heart chat with your spouse. Point out to him/her that you feel that things just aren't the same between the two of you. If your spouse agrees, then again, this is really great. There will be total co-operation between the two of you, and things will go a lot easier and a lot smoother as well.

Have you found that you and your spouse, because of other commitments, have drifted apart over the last few years? Then obviously these commitments have taken priority in your lives. This needs to be changed immediately. You and your spouse are number one priority in the marriage. If you and your spouse become indifferent to each others needs, then it means that the marriage just cannot work.

Both of you need to agree seriously that it is vital for you to spend some quality time together. Even if it is only one or two days a week, it should be something that you can both look forward to. So take my word for it - if your marriage is heading for divorce, spend more quality time together, really enjoy each other like you used to, and you will get that excitement back into your marriage again.

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Is there a really good reason as to why you want to stop your divorce? Only you know why your marriage ended up this way, so it is rather difficult to give advice about something that I know nothing about.

You and your husband obviously loved each other a lot at some point otherwise you would not have got married. So, what went wrong?

Now, if your marriage is in trouble because one of you cheated, then it is going to be really difficult to solve this problem. Trust has been betrayed, and this is very difficult to build up again.

Have you and your husband over the years simply drifted apart? Although this doesn't seem like a big problem, it can get out of hand if not sorted out, and sometimes end in divorce.

However, this problem is quite easy to fix, and can stop your divorce. It just means that you and your husband have become so used to each other, that you have actually ended up neglecting each other. The attention and affection that was evident all the time, has all but disappeared, and needs to be built up again.

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This involves actually telling each other that you love each other, that you are special to each other, and that you really need each other. It's just a matter of being towards each other the way you were when you first got married.

Do you and your husband actually talk to each other? I mean, do you really discuss things with each other all the time?

Communication is so vital in a relationship - it's the only way you can know at all times whether everything is the way it should be. This way, if there are problems, they can be fixed together, immediately.

If the problems in your marriage are those that are fixable, then don't waste anymore time. Get going immediately and stop your divorce. Talk to each other about your problems and get them sorted out as soon as possible.

If you and your husband still love each other, then please, make an effort and stop your divorce. Save the marriage that you've been in for so long. There is every possibility that you can have a very happy, contented life together - it just takes a little work, that's all.

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