Why is liposuction continuing to be among the top five cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States?
The answer is simple.
The procedure performs targeted body contouring with minimal or no scarring.

According to a specialist who performs liposuction surgery in Frederick, “We can remove fat from any location in the body, including at hips, thighs, neck, abdomen, waist, and more”.

But one compelling advantage stands out.

Liposuction has the capacity to get rid of fat from multiple areas of the body in a single treatment.Several individuals have avoided multiple procedures over extended periods of time by undergoing body contouring at manifold regions in one go.

At this juncture, it must be pointed out that patient selection is of paramount importance.

“The physical condition of the patient at the time of the surgery is an important aspect of success”, says a cosmetic surgeon who performs liposuction in Maryland .
The physical characteristics that doctors look for while selecting the right candidate include:

•BMI or Body Mass Index, which must be as close as possible to the normal value
•Healthy individual with no medical problems. or if medical problems exist they must be well controlled
Undetected underlying conditions such as heart disease , renal, hepatic issues, or thyroid disease have the potential for serious complications.
If any doubts exist as to the patient’s health, the cosmetic surgeon will refer the individual to the patient’s primary care physician.

Liposuction is greatly evolving, and is now being used for diverse pathologies and conditions such as:

Lipedema: Lipedema is a chronic and progressive affliction that affects mainly women. It causes symmetrical accumulation of fat in the lower limbs, buttocks to ankles. The effect is disproportionate, creating a very unsightly look.

Gynecomastia: This refers to enlarged breast tissue in men because of hormonal imbalance.

Cellulite: Cellulite affects nearly 90 percent of the women at some point during their lives. It is lumpy looking fat beneath the skin pushing against the connective tissue. A person need not be obese to have cellulite.

Lipomas: A lipoma is a soft, painless deposit of fat under the skin typically found at locations like neck, back, and shoulders.

Outcomes Patients, by and large, are attracted to any cosmetic surgery procedure based on the feedback of outcomes. In this regard, liposuction can be considered largely successful.

This conclusion can be attributed to the large number of liposuction procedures performed in the United States every year. In 2016, more than 414,000 lipos were performed making it the top cosmetic surgical procedure.At the same time, we must bear in mind that the success of a liposuction procedure is subjective. The patient’s opinion of their appearance post surgery is the pivotal determinant of a procedure’s success.

While evaluating success other factors also come into play. The patient’s weight gain, the return of fat, and revision rate, even though not attributed to the doctor’s skill, also determine the long term outcomes of liposuction.

The bottom line is clear. Liposuction is safe and effective, and a popular intervention procedure for surgical removal of unwanted fat.

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