General Description
The word woman is generally refers to a married female human. Woman is the beauty of nature but they were ignored before Islam and treated harshly. Islam has given them great place in the society and directs all Muslims to treat them softly because women are weak. A woman has beautiful names in an Islamic society i.e. mother, sister, wife and daughter. A woman can built an ideal house and society.
Behaviors of Pakistani Women
Pakistani women are actively taking part in every field of life. They are known for their hospitality and care of their families . Job opportunities for them in the past were scanty but presently, they are enjoying equally. Pakistani women have achieved numerous goals in the field of medical. By and large, women worked as lady doctors, nurses and health visitors in the first ten years of Pakistan. But spheres for women now are greater than ever before. They seem well on the way to become even more active in the near future.
Importance of Women Education
Education is very important for all human beings because it makes them perfect. Islam has given more importance to education. Education is more important for women
Feasible Grounds for Women
Pakistani women complete successfully in the certain superior services examinations. They are holding responsible positions in administrative fields like excise and taxation, income tax, railway, Foreign Service, police and postal departments etc. Some of them have joined politics and selected are in the assemblies as Ministers of National Assembly (MNAs) and senators. Politics is difficult for them as compare to men because they cannot take part actively. Apart from its difficulties, Pakistan had its first ever woman Prime Minister in 1988-1990 and 1994-1996. Women of Pakistan are now fully conscious of their social and political status. The more feasible job for women is teaching because of their soft hard-work nature. Their kind nature is more helpful in teaching field.
Pakistani Women in Private Sector.
Quite a number of educated women have joined private sector. They are very successful in private sector. Some women are doing well in banks and business administrations fields. Show biz is another prominent sector of women. They are very effective in this sector, however, they faces a lot of problems here. Some families do not want to become their women models or actress. Moreover, they can perform for a very short period. So, show biz is not favourable for women in my opinion.
Investment in Irrelevant Sectors
In the modern era, women are trying to become on top in various races. They are adopting irrelevant jobs specially deputed for men which badly affected their relevant fields. Women prefer to join outdoor jobs instead of indoor. For example, a woman is trying to become a journalist instead of beautician. If they invest themselves in their relevant fields then it will be more fruitful for them.
We have observed that women are interesting in fields in which men are normally doing well. This practice has badly affected their efficiency. Therefore, it is suggested to Pakistani women to invest themselves in the fields which are more feasible for them.

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My name is Muhammad Ishaq. I have done my M.A (Master of Arts in Persian) from University of Peshawar. I am writing essays for schools, college and university students.