Leader in the field

They are an award winning organization operating in the Real Estates industry. It should be noted that they are a reputed estate agent in Paphos and Polis . They never exceed their maximum limit when it comes to active properties and the limit they have set is 100 properties maximum at a time.The range of houses included within this cluster includes some high-end mansions and beach front villas located in Sea Caves, Neo Chorio, Peyiya, and LatchiCoral Bay.

Assures smooth transaction

A customer should first adhere to their criteria in order to list their property located in Paphos or Polis. This strict criterion covers a lot of elementsincluding the formalities related to the deed and location, setting a fair and realistic price to market the product. It should be noted that Cyprus Resales estate agents are a fully registered agent and they have managed to establish their branches in the cities of Pahpos and Polis. Their team of experts will guarantee a smooth transaction process for their valued customers. They suggest that this is the ideal time to invest on Real-Estate in Cyprus, since the prices have dropped drastically. They maintain healthy relationships with relevant authorities and they make sure that the customer is updated with the latest information.

High quality assured

Quality is their greatest concern when it comes to business. As mentioned previously, they have listed a set of highly attractive and valuable property located in prime location in Pahpos and Polis. The LatchiHillside Villas located in the LeptosKarmes village and the high-end apartments located towards the seaside is a must check. It should be noted that all their properties on sale have passed the Cyprus Resale Listing test which is the highest possible standards available for property which are being traded.

Get there as you wish

They are bound to offer you the best of the deals. They guarantee value for money and you don’t have to worry about the broker fee that you pay them. It should be noted that they have listed a set of properties within their website carrying the tag “top of the pops”. This includes 10 bets deals available for resale properties. They involve the latest technology along with the latest updated information.

Finish the deal in just few hours

You are just few clicks away from selling your valuable property. You can sell your property and get the cash within just two days. Their investors are Eveready to make quick decision on property transactions and it benefits both the parties’ end of the day.

Great success rate on the sales they make

You know you are in safe hands when you deal with a Real-Estate agent who has 90% success rate when it comes to sales. You can also get a detailed valuation for the property in just few days. You can either visit their showroom or fill the form through their website whenever you need. They will take care of the rest once you have handed over the necessary information.

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