In establishing a business, location is very important to the success of the business. When registering a company name, it is mandatory as a requirement by Company House that you provide an official address for your company. Though the location of your company may not really have anything to do with whether or not your company would be registered, having one in a prestigious place can help boost your business in a sole ownership formation.

Types of addresses

When you apply to form a company with the company House, two addresses are to be provided for your registration which is the registered office address and the trade or service address.

The registered office address is a lot important because it is where all your emails and other correspondence from the Company House are sent. This is the address that is displayed in all your public documents that are available to the public. This is address is very important to your business because it will say a lot about your company status especially if located in a place like London.

The other address which may not be less important as well is your service address. This is where your business operates physically. As a company offering some services or products, people will relate to your products is a separate place from the registered office address.

Alternative way to own a reputable office address

It is not unusual that many small business owners do not have an office address and may want to use their home addresses instead. Company House will not reject your application based on this premise, you would however be better off if you employ the services of reputable registered address providers for an address to give your company a better standing when people deal with your brand.

What edge a registered company addresses gives?

The edge you have with using these services are great benefits for your business.

First, with a location such as in London and other prestigious places in the Uk, your company is viewed as being well established. This will give people a better trust of your company.

Secondly, your privacy is protected with an official address other than your residence address if you're intending using that in the first place.

And what more would you not have than the prestige and pride in having a choice location for your business.

Choosing a registered address service providers

Definitely having a UK company formation with a registered address different from your residence is god for your business. People will take you more seriously in your operation.

If you are going to buy one from a service provider, you may consider cost along with the location. You may talk of cheapness in relation to the location provided which should be commensurate with the location given.

Have in mind that such service provider would also see to forwarding your emails and correspondence from the Company House to you. All these should add in the end to determining cost.

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