There are quite a few factors to consider when you are planning on installing wallpaper on your walls. The entire concept of installing wallpaper is based on the fact that wallpaper is much more long-lasting than paint. In fact, wallpaper has been known to last eight times more than regular paint, along with the added benefit of impressive looking walls that conventional paints cannot offer. You might worry about what may happen when you want to remove the wallpaper Perth . But to be honest, if the wallpaper is applied over a high-grade sealer or primer, the removal process becomes a whole lot easier. So it is a win-win situation from every angle. Today, we will take a look the steps involved with installing new wallpaper. Read on to find out more.

Steps to install wallpaper

Given below are a few steps and guidelines which must be strictly followed if you want to install new wallpaper successfully:

• Use a garden sprayer to spray your old Perth wallpaper with a suitable stripping solution to allow for easy removal. The printed surface will first come off, followed by the backing, but only when the stripping solution penetrates deeper.

• Before spraying the stripping solution, make sure to use duct tape to cover any and every electrical panel on the walls so as to avoid the risk of water damage or short-circuit.

• Make sure that you use warm water with the stripping solution in the garden sprayer. Warm water helps the solution to penetrate deeper much quickly and make the removal process simpler. Once the backing comes off, you are ready to install the new wallpaper.

• The next step would be to apply a good primer or sealer from a reputed brand. Make sure that the surface is not oily or shiny, or else the primer might not work. For such slippery walls, a special type of sealer might be needed, which might be purchased from a local paint and hardware store.

• There are a few tools you might need to install new wallpaper, such as
• A smoothening brush or tool
• A measuring tape
• A level
• A pair of scissors
• A metal putty knife
• Single-edged blades
• A ladder for climbing and applying the paper
• A table for cutting and trimming it
• You need to measure each sheet of wallpaper so as to find out how many you might need for your wall, provided you know its dimensions.

• Smooth out any and every air bubble within the wallpaper with the smoothening tool once you have pasted the sheet onto the wall. Be very gentle while doing so, as aggression might damage the wallpaper. Trim the extra edges and smoothen the sheet out once again with the tool.

• Be extremely careful when cutting around corners around doors and windows, because the paper is extremely gentle and you might accidentally damage the sheet.

Choosing a wallpaper

Selecting the right kind of wallpaper can be tricky. Shiny wallpaper might showcase any imperfections on your walls which you might want to hide. For imperfect walls, matte finish papers are always preferable, as they have been known to be ideal for hiding the embarrassing wall imperfections. You can always ask a handyman to come in and fix the imperfections, but that would mean extra expenses, which is something you might want to avoid.

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