53% of planners expect an increased event management budget for next year. However, even with better fund inflow, managing onsite events is loaded with challenges at every step. Whether it’s about handling the number of events held each year or managing the physical and human resources and the content of the event itself. As an event manager, you need to coordinate between various stakeholders at different levels. The budget and the timeline further add to the challenges. Plus, you must ensure that your event is remembered long after it is over. And as if this wasn’t enough, there’s always the competitive streak to perform better than others. After all, the success of an event decides whether you’ll be conducting the next one or not.
While managing any task has its own set of challenges, event management doesn’t need to be a herculean task. The idea should be to make the whole process seamless and simple with the right set of procedures in place. That is how you’ll be able to deliver an experience that is remembered by the organizers and the attendees alike.
Onsite Event Management – It’s Simpler than You Think
So how do you un-complicate event management? It’s rather simple than you think. To begin with, you must plan well in advance and have the required tech know-how.
Here are a couple of things you can do to ensure your next event management stint is straightforward -
- Get an idea about the number of attendees through online registration to avoid managing rush on the event day. This will help you in procuring any hardware required onsite. You can also set up like kiosks for last minute payments and registrations accordingly. Line busters can be deployed effectively to expedite the process at entrance.
- Engage with the prospective visitors on social media. Reach out to them with the latest news about the event and stay connected. This’ll help you keep them posted about any last-minute changes, thus avoiding any angst.
- Use technology to make the process efficient and effective. Almost 60% of planners ranked on-site technology as high in importance, with internet connection (wireless or wired) as the technology most needed for a successful meeting.

Simplify Things with Eventdex
44% of attendees use mobile event apps. The number is expected to grow to 56% next year.Eventdex is your one stop solution for event management. This innovative event planning platform is the only 'App First' cloud based platform that offers a wide suite of mobile apps for events. These apps add value to your events by offering solutions that cater to different aspects of the events life cycle. Here’s all you can accomplish with the Eventdex platform:
- Event Ticketing - This software integrates ticketing with your company's website and enables payment directly into your account.
- Event Planning - Scheduling and rescheduling of meetings and appointments help buyers and sellers make the most of the business opportunities
- Event Networking - Easy interface with technological innovations are a part of the business networking app which adds value to the event.
- Speaker and exhibitor information - this is available in the app to promote business and add to the experience of the exhibitors.
Event management is an art. Make sure you don’t let the rough canvas or the withered brushes spoil your streak!

Author's Bio: 

Durga P. Mikkilineni is a successful entrepreneur, co-founder and partner of Eventdex, a NJ based minority certified IT Services firm specializing in SAP and Cloud Computing.

About the Company:-
Eventdex is the only ‘App First’ innovative cloud based platform offering a suite of mobile apps for events.
Eventdex caters to the different aspects of the event life-cycle and enhance the value of your events.
Features are:-
Robust Online and Onsite registration services
Mobile based Lead retrieval application and online portal
360 event app that runs on iOS and Android devices
One on one matchmaking application and portal
Mobile based attendee checkin and checkout app