My Marriage Is In Trouble What Can I Do: Signs Marriage Is In Trouble

Can I save my marriage from divorce? If you've been asking this question you're not alone. Many people reach a point in their relationship when they realize they've drifted apart from their spouse. Feeling as though you two aren't connected anymore isn't easy and it's especially difficult if you have children. Divorce is a big step to take and if you still love your spouse you shouldn't be too quick to throw in the towel. There are steps you can take right now that will revitalize your relationship.

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When you are wondering can I save my marriage from divorce think about how open communication is between you and your spouse. Do you two take time each and every day to listen to one another? Most couples who have been married for sometime don't. It's easy to overlook the importance of staying connected with your partner by sharing your experiences, thoughts and feelings. If you two have stopped talking, now is the time to start again. If life is too busy to find a few moments alone, make the time. Perhaps you can plan to cook dinner together so you have a chance to catch up then, maybe a few moments before you fall asleep can be your time to talk. You just need to make communication a priority in your relationship.

Couples struggling in their relationships often resent one another. It's easy for two people living together, especially those raising children, to start to feel resentment towards the other person. This can happen if one spouse becomes primarily responsible for tending to the needs of the children. It's also typical of a marriage that has been touched by infidelity . If a couple allows resentment to enter their marriage , it's hard to remain positive and focused on the marriage growing. Sit down with your spouse and work through any issue that may be causing resentment for either of you. Often times the other partner has no idea that their spouse is feeling negative towards them. You need to clear the table of those emotions before you can rebuild your relationship.

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Sometimes when we're deeply invested in something we have trouble seeing clearly. Such is the case with relationships. This is especially true of marriages. You may logically know that your relationship with your spouse isn't what it used to be but you convince yourself that the changes are just temporary because there is so much pressure on both of you at the moment. It's worthwhile to take a step back and really look at the relationship and the state it's in. Learning how to recognize a bad marriage can help you determine whether the connection with your spouse is as strong as you want it to be.

Knowing how to recognize a bad marriage begins with being honest with yourself about the state of communication in your relationship. Do you and your spouse really talk through the issues that are causing the change in your marriage or do you revert to idle chit chat every time you have an opportunity to talk? When a couple stops talking about what's important in their relationship that's typically the beginning of the end for them. You can't solve your problems if you're not dealing with them head on together.

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Another of the signs that your relationship is headed in the direction of a separation or divorce is how much time you two are spending together. This doesn't include the obligatory time you need to be together to tend to your children or have dinner as a family . Think about how much one-on-one time you and your spouse share with one another. Do you still make time to date each other? Are you hesitant to get a babysitter because it means you'll have to devote a few hours just to each other? If that's the case in your marriage, things are bleak.

Intimacy and its frequency can also be an indicator of how strong a marriage is. If you and your husband don't share intimacy anymore, that's something you need to be concerned about if you hope to save the relationship. Sharing yourselves, in every way, is vitally important if you want to keep the connection with each other alive and well.

Also, take note of how supportive you two still are with one another. Are you there to lend a helping hand when your partner needs it and does he or she do the same for you? If you two are more apt to nag each other rather than celebrate your individual strengths, you know that your marriage is headed in a negative direction.

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While you were engaged, and at the start of your married life, everything was really peachy - you love each other and nothing else matters. However, everything else DOES matter, and, if you want to save your marriage, you'd better see the realities of life, and not just what you want to see.

Of course you and your spouse must love each other - this is the base of your life together that is going to see you through thick and thin. But married life can't survive on love alone. There are responsibilities that you are now faced with and, whether you like it or not, these things have to be dealt with daily.

If you didn't live together before you were married, then there are things that you are going to find out about one another that could be really annoying. Little habits that you didn't know of before, will become evident, and after a while will cause arguments. You overlook these little things at first, but over time, they become a real thorn in your side, and you find yourself in the middle of an argument.

Now, if you don't want trivial things to cause arguments between you and your spouse, then talk about them as soon as they arise. This will allow you to be aware of what you are doing that really annoys your spouse. You can stop doing them at once, and the problem is solved.

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Another way to make sure that you save your marriage is to continue having mutual respect for each other. Try your level best to not say or do things that will degrade your spouse in any way. If this does happen, and your spouse says nothing about it, then it could become a regular thing - you will become a controlling person, without even realizing it.

Finances also usually cause plenty of strife in a marriage. One partner should not dominate the other when it comes to finances. It is best to talk openly to each other before you get married, as to what your views are on finances in a marriage. Discuss it, and come to an agreement as to which way your finances are handled will suit you best.

After the honeymoon is over, it's time to face realities. Save your marriage, love each other, and deal with life's difficulties and responsibilities together, to keep your love alive, and to make sure that your married life together is as contented for you both as possible.

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When it suddenly hits you one day that things are not as they should be, and your marriage is falling apart, sit up and take notice - The warning signs are there for a reason, so do something about them! All you have to do is think back to the beginning of your married life together. Your and your spouse were so much in love then - wouldn't it be great if things could stay that way?

Good marriages don't simply happen. Yes, you are blissfully in love when you first get married, but to keep things that way, a lot of hard work is involved. You took vows on the day you got married, and promised to stick to them - have you? Marriage vows aren't just words that you say to each other, they are solemn vows that you promise to each other in full view of witnesses, so you need to stick to those vows as best you can.

Now, if your marriage is falling apart to such an extent that you and your spouse decide to separate, then things really are bad. There is obviously so much resentment between the two of you, that living together is almost impossible. There is however, a very positive side to this.

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You might think that separation means that the next step is the divorce court. Well, not necessarily so. In fact, it could be just what you and your spouse need, to convince each other that you are meant to be together. For instance, in the beginning, being away from your spouse will be something of a relief.

All of a sudden you don't have those million and one little irritating things happen every day that are driving you absolutely insane! Your time is your own, and you can come and go as you please. You might even think to yourself that getting married might have been a big mistake after all.

However, after a little while, the resentment you were feeling has all but disappeared, and you start missing your spouse. You become ill, and wish that your spouse were there to sympathize with you. It's your birthday - no breakfast in bed, and no-one to share your birthday with - it hits you just how lonely you are without your spouse.

When your marriage is falling apart, go back in time a little - remember how you used to cherish each and everything about your spouse? So what's changed? Your spouse is the same person you got married to, so show your spouse how special he/she is to you, cherish the time you have together, and save your marriage.

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If your marriage has got to the stage where you and your spouse just greet each other in passing, then the chances are that your marriage is over. When you and your spouse look at each other and consider yourselves acquaintances, rather than the loving couple that you once were, then unfortunately it seems as if there is no hope in getting your married life back on track again.

That is, unless you and your spouse are willing to try together to retrieve what you once had, and work really hard to save your marriage. The thing to do is to sit down together and have a really serious discussion - your marriage is a serious business - you vowed to stay together for better or worse and should make an attempt to salvage it.

It could be that you were both so caught up in your own lives that you slowly drifted apart. Unfortunately you both gradually started living separate lives, and found that you didn't need each other as much anymore. Your friends and your job became more important to you than your partner, and vice versa.

The only thing is, when there is some sort of crisis, you cannot rely on your job or your friends for support, but your spouse. This is why you got married in the first place - to be with each other through thick and thin. Well, you have now reached a crisis in your lives, and you must support each other, or your marriage is over for good.

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So, sit down and talk about the problems that you have, whatever they are. Then, work through them slowly, one by one. You'll probably find that you begin to feel relieved that the problems are out in the open, and wonder why you didn't take the time to discuss them before.

Problems build up over time, and if not dealt with immediately, become a burden, resentment sets in, you begin arguing a lot, and in the end, almost can't stand the sight of each other. There is a chance that you can feel towards each other the way you did when you first got married, but it will take a lot of hard work from both of you to build up those old familiar feelings again.

So, if you have the feeling that your marriage is over, and you and your spouse feel that there is a thread of hope that it can be saved, then do yourselves a favour, and start fixing your problems right now, to avoid that awful road to the divorce courts!

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