For sure, there are not that many super memorable dreams , but they do come along a few times during a person’s lifetime. Here is a dream I had last night… a dream that is super important to me.

I was dreaming that I walked into a store and there was a person behind the counter. And he/she (It was as though it was not a woman or a man it was just a friend… but for the sake of being easy to read I will use“she”) was someone I knew from somewhere before. She waved and came over and she was glad to see me and I said, “Do you want to do something” and she said, “I don’t care just want to be with you and talk… that is what I am here for”. And thus we just started walking and talking and it was amazing.

This person knew my every thought… and knew me inside and out. And what this person looked like I can’t tell you at all, but I knew she had green eyes… that’s all I remember. But at the same time during the dream I knew without a doubt that this was not a person, this was that great eternal being, the ONE that knows all, is all, and understands all. This person in my dream had a form but the form was not important at all… because the feeling of amazing unconditional love was important.

It was an unconditional love that is very hard to find on this earthly plane, a love that goes beyond words into an ethereal realm. And it seemed we walked for hours and talked about everything from what I was supposed to be doing… to what the future held for humanity. But all that talking was not important at all, it was that great and overwhelming feeling of being unconditionally loved that was important… and connected to something that was pure love.

And towards the end of the dream we hugged and at that same moment we melted into one another and became one. And there was an amazing feeling of joy in my heart and a great feeling of being completely understood. And all the loneliness that most people feel on this earthly plane totally disappeared.

It’s funny because this dream seemed short, but at the same time seemed very long. And at the same time, it was super real. I mean so real that I woke up with great joy in my heart knowing without a doubt that I was given a great gift by Great Spirit. A direct connection which goes beyond words, a chance to know the wondrous white light that flows through the Universe. And being embraced by that white light… was more than I could every have expected in this lifetime.

Wow - That is all I can say!

I hope all of you have amazing dreams of unconditional love.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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