Cats are really great pet and most people love cats. They give us company and a great sense of joy. Cats are cute and adorable and that’s why most people have cats in their homes. All these things are great. However, one must not forget that cat is an animal and that why there are things that cats do that we don’t like. And as a cat owner, it’s our responsibility to take care of our cats and help them when they need us. We should not treat our cats in rough manners when they show behaviors that we don’t like. Remember that cats are capable of change and hence you teach your cat to act and behave the way you want it to.

Cat peeing and spraying
One of the most common problems faced by every cat owner is: peeing and spraying. Cat spraying and cat peeing cause pollution and uncomfortable conditions in our houses. Most people find this behavior very annoying, which is understandable. Cat spraying can be caused by various reasons and it can also be the sign of danger. Many times people ignore this and later they face huge problems. You may want to read more about cat spraying.
Cat scratching
Felines scratch with their front hooks by dragging them descending, either on a level or vertical surface - this activity, alluded to as stopping, extricates and evaluates the external husk of the paw uncovering a sharp new surface underneath.

It additionally practices the muscles of the forelimbs and spine to keep the feline in tip best condition for chasing. A few felines will scratch by resting and pulling their bodyweight along the floor. The surfaces picked are typically settled and non-respecting oppose the constraint applied by the feline.

Scratching is likewise utilized as a type of regional correspondence or checking conduct. Fragrance and sweat organs in the middle of the stack of the feet blend to create a remarkable odor. At the point when paws are scratched down a surface the fragrance is stored and the mix of the stamp, disposed of paw husks and the odor gives a solid visual and aroma message to different felines.
Cat pregnancy
A decent quality, the nutritious eating regimen is imperative. Your veterinarian may prescribe a cat sustenance for your ruler as this contains higher protein and calcium. Abstain from supplementing the eating regimen unless your veterinarian has given the approval to do as such. Over bolstering and unreasonable weight pick up ought to stay away from as this can confuse work.
Keep her inside throughout the previous two weeks of pregnancy to guarantee she doesn't bring forth the little cats somewhere else.
You ought to take your ruler to the veterinarian right on time in pregnancy for a wellbeing check, your veterinarian will likewise inform on the care with respect to your ruler amid pregnancy . He/she will likely need to see the ruler again in late pregnancy.

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