Methods To Get Pregnant: Fertile Days To Get Pregnant

Ovulation is the time during a cycle when a woman can get pregnant. Due to stimulation by the pituitary gland, the ovaries release an egg. This egg then travels down to the fallopian tubes. It is during these phase that fertilization is likely to occur and pregnancy then begins. The key is to determining when exactly ovulation is happening.

With the use of a calculation, make note of when period start. Then calculate how long each one lasts. If cycles are regular and last 28 days, ovulation happens usually at two weeks after the start of a period. If periods last longer than this, take the number of days in the shortest cycle. Subtract 18 from this number. The result is the number of days after the following period when fertility should peak. This system has the benefit of being easy to do. All that is needed is a calendar and a few simple calculations. However, stress and illnesses can affect periods. This can make calculations faulty. Further, if periods are constantly irregular, this method is not a good choice.

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Another way to determine increased fertility is by tracking basal body temperatures. Basal temperatures are measured when the body is at rest. A good time to perform calculations is early in the morning when still in bed. With an oral thermometer, slight increases can be tracked. During ovulation, temperatures should go up by a little less than one degree. Therefore, the two or three days before this measured increase are when pregnancy can occur. If temperatures are elevated for a few consecutive days, ovulation has already occurred. At this point it is too late to conceive.

Every morning temperatures should be taken and recorded in a graph. This can easily show any trends and allow you to predict future ovulation. The only piece of equipment necessary is a thermometer. The drawback is the subtlety of temperature changes. Also, when temperature does change it is already too late to get pregnant. Often, people cannot find it troublesome to take temperatures at the same exact time each morning.

Ovulation predictor kits can be purchased often without a prescription. They work by measuring hormone fluxuations. A peak in hormone levels occurs just before ovulation. Therefore, these tests can predict when ovulation will happen before it actually occurs. The drawback is that these kits can be very pricey.

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There are many ways to increase fertility and the chance of conceiving. Regular intercourse, particularly when ovulation is suspected, increases odds significantly. There is also the option of preconception planning with a health professional. A doctor can point out any lifestyle chances that could further improve the odds of conception. Both partners should eat healthily, be physically active and weigh a healthy amount. Avoidance of caffeine and lowering stress would also be beneficial.

Smoking, consuming alcohol and unapproved medications can prevent conception. Tobacco inhibits the movement of sperm and increases the chance of miscarrying. Medications can also make it more unlikely and can even detrimentally affect a developing embryo.

Men and women can both suffer from infertility. Up until the early thirties problems should not be assumed. A year of trying should take place if healthy and young before getting help. By using different techniques to determine peak fertility, chances will improve. Further, help will most likely be unnecessary.

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When you decide to get pregnant the first and most important thing is avoiding stress is very helpful in getting conceive fast. Your correct time of intercourse is the key for your success in getting pregnant. So, you do not need to worry at all about how to get pregnant if your doctor has said that you can never conceive your own child. Here are some most sizzling ways that is very helpful in making you fertile. With the help of these sizzling ways you can get pregnant fast and naturally that you ever dreamed. So, get ready to check it out below and try it for the best result.

• When is the best time- the key of your success for getting pregnant fast to know about the best time to conceive? Monitor your ovulation schedule and have intercourse with your partner around the time of ovulation. Three to four days before and after the ovulation is the best time to get pregnant. In these days your chance of getting conceives is much higher.

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• Take care of your self- after monitoring your ovulation schedule you need to take extra care of your health. Folic acid, minerals, vitamins, and proteins are very helpful. Especially vitamin B is very good for your baby and it may help you in reducing the chances of suffering from neural tube defects.

•Spend time with your partner- having a regular sex may increase the chances of hitting a fertile time.

• Try to avoid as stress as possible- it is said that stress can decrease the chances of getting pregnant. In the simple words, stress can take away your libido and at the extreme level it may stop menstruating.

•Try elevating the hips- if you are trying to get conceive fast and naturally you need to elevate your hips by pacing a pillow under your hips. It will prevent from the leakage of sperm and the chance of getting conceives may increase.

So, if you want to get pregnant as fast as possible, you just need to follow these sizzling ways to accomplish your goal.

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I am asked some variation of this question quite often. People often ask about the best day in their ovulation or reproductive to conceive a daughter. Or, they'll ask me what day, week, or month gives them the most optimal chance to become pregnant with a female. Occasionally, I'm asked questions about Chinese calendars or astrological charts. While these things are fun to think about, I often limit my answers to things which have scientific theories behind them. And basically, there are a few days out of each month that make up the optimal time to conceive a girl baby. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Pinpointing The Absolute Best Days To Conceive If You're Trying For A Girl Baby: There have been studies which indicate that slightly more girl babies are conceived between March and May, while more boy babies are conceived closer to winter. But, the statistical differences here are very small. Vast numbers of girl babies are conceived all through out the year and vice versa. In my opinion and experience, you are much better off focusing on the optimal days within each month. This makes a lot more sense than limiting yourself to trying to become pregnant during only a few months out of the year, especially when the statistical differences are so small.

Before I get into the specific days, I want to stress that the strategy that I am going to discuss is based on the fact that the X sperm chromosomes (which produce girl babies) are stronger and longer lived than the Y's (which produce boy babies.) This means that if you are trying for a girl baby: you have a longer time frame in which to work; that you can afford to have a harsh environment inside of your reproductive tract; and that these X sperm can usually make the longer trip that more shallow sexual positions can provide.

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I always tell people to focus on the two days that overlap when they are 3-4 days before ovulation AND when their PH reads as very acidic. Since the Y or boy sperm are weaker, there will be less of them racing for the egg by the time that it is released. But, because the X's live for longer, there will still be an adequate and healthy supply of them even on this early date. But, timing is only part of the equation.

Because there are likely to be some Y's that are able to survive for this 3 - 4 day time period. And, this is where your PH and acidity comes in. The boy producing sperm are further weakened and deteriorated in this environment. So, if you were to get your timing right, but then expose the undesirable Y's to an alkaline environment, you're potentially leaving too much to chance and allowing too many of them to fight for the egg. But if you can become acidic, you can usually eliminate many more of these future boy babies (as harsh as that might sound.)

I realize that this may sound complicated. But if you use a good saliva ovulation predictor (which usually gives you an earlier positive than the urine kind) and PH testing strips, this doesn't need to be as hard as it sounds. This process usually makes those two optimal days very clear. And, it's usually a good idea to begin this process early in your cycle. You want to give yourself enough time to make changes in your diet or to try difference douches if you are alkaline and need to change your PH. Because as your ovulation day approaches, this is sometimes too late to reach your optimal PH if you are very alkaline.

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I recently received correspondence from a woman who was trying to become pregnant with a boy baby. She had read that it's important to conceive on the day of ovulation. And someone had told her that if she were successful with this timing, the result would always be a son. She asked me, in part: "If you're able to conceive on the day of ovulation, does this always result in a boy baby?"

The answer to this question is no, not always. It can greatly improve the odds of your getting a son, but it' doesn't have a 100% success rate, as far as I know. The timing of your conception is one thing that can influence your baby's gender, but there are other variables. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Why You're Often Advised To Conceive On Your Ovulation Day When You Want A Boy Baby: The reason for this advice is that the boy producing sperm (which are known as the Y's) and the girl producing sperm (or the X's) behave in different ways. The Y's move more quickly and can cover more ground over a shorter period of time. But, the X's can live for a longer period of time and weaken and die off later. Because couples wanting a male baby are working with a shorter window of time and with weaker chromosomes, it's advisable to have intercourse as close as you can to the egg's release (which is the day of ovulation.)

However, conceiving on your ovulation day does not ensure that none of the girl producing or X chromosomes will be present and fighting to get to the egg first. Some will be present and that's why it's often advisable to try to control other variables besides timing.

Controlling PH And Using The Optimal Sexual Positions: If you are trying for a boy baby, your ultimate goal is to put the Y's in the optimal position to be successful and to make things difficult for the X's. We've already discussed how you can do this through your timing. (Incidentally, it's acceptable to have intercourse on the day following intercourse as well.)

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But, in addition to timing, it can help to consider how the trip to the egg plays out. Both chromosomes are racing to the egg at the same time. Only one is going to be successful. After they are released, these chromosomes will have to make their way through your reproductive tract where it is typically either alkaline or acidic. An acidic environment is detrimental to the boy producing sperm, so it is in your best interest to make sure that you are as alkaline as you can be.

The first step in this is usually testing yourself to find out your PH. This is often done with small litmus papers that you can get at a health food store or online. You can then change your level (if you are not happy with it) by changing your diet and / or using different douches. Some women will find that their levels don't need much changing, but this isn't always the case.

In addition to this, it also makes sense to use the optimal positions when you have intercourse. The reason for this is that you want to release the sperm as close to your cervix and reproductive tract as you can manage. This is why deeper penetration is preferable for couples wanting boy babies. And luckily, this is very easy for most couples to accomplish.

The final advice that I would give is that it's vital to make sure that you have actually ovulated. I can't tell you how many women tell me things like: "People always ovulate 14 days after their menstrual cycle." This just is not the case for all women. And, ovulation times can vary from month to month. It can certainly make sense to use a good ovulation predictor to make sure your suspicions are correct, especially since timing is so very important.

Admittedly, using all these methods together probably won't mean that you are 100% guaranteed to get a boy baby, but I believe that they do significantly increase your changes. And, I've read that these methods can raise your chances to a level over 90%. These are likely just estimates, of course. But I can tell you from my own experience that I've had success with these methods.

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