Friendships break! So do relationships and sometimes, so does your will to be on any social platform does. When situations like these come up there has to be quick and immediate solution. Sometimes you feel the need to shorten your social circle and just allow a few people to have access to it, this is the time when you need some tool that can help you with unfollowing a large number of people you do not want in your circle at one go. Instagram is one of the main social platforms nowadays and almost everyone is on instagram these days. There are some people who wish to unfollow large number of people on instagram without having to it one by one. The all new fast is one of the mass unfollow instagram tool which can help you in unfollowing a large number of people without wasting much time.

What are the benefits of this tool?

•   This tool is extremely easy to use. Unfollowing a large number of people can be a very time consuming and monotonous job, this tools makes it very easy for us to unfollow a large number of people at one go and cut the long process short. It helps in saving time and energy that would have been used otherwise in going from profile to profile to unfollow people.

•   This is tool is fully secure and safe to use. This unfollow tool for instagram is totally safe to use and there is no risk of getting your account hacked as the tool doesn’t save any password and doesn’t have any access to your account. You can be sure that your account details and the data in your account in the form of pictures and messages is totally safe and secure.

• is one of the quickest in stagram unfollow tools these days. It offers a speed that is unmatchable and cannot be replaced by any other unfollowing tool. It saves you the hassle of unfollowing each person one by one, which can be very tiring and time consuming. It gives quick results and works fast. It helps in quickly unfollowing a lot of people in one go.

•   The tool gives you the capacity of adding up to 50 instagram profiles to your account on It allows you to unfollow people from multiple instagram profiles very quickly and without taking much of your effort. You can add various instagram profiles to your account and unfollow all the people you want to from each profile from the same fast unfollow account. The tool also has the feature of keeping each profile logged in so that you don’t have to remember and enter the password for every instagram profile each time you wish to unfollow people.

•   The mass unfollowing instagram tool also has the feature of mutual unfollowing. It gives the options of either unfollowing all the people you are following or to unfollow only those people who are not following you back.


This is one of the best tools in the market these days that helps in easy and convenient unfollowing of people in instagram with taking much of your time and efforts. This is reliable and a dependent tool which is totally safe to use and a must have incase you need to unfollow a large number of people on instagram.

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