Having imbibed the importance of website in the 21st century, CEO of various company invest huge attention in building the most suitable and high standard website. The contemporary world establishes the growing virtual engagement of the public with entrepreneur giving more stress on implementing strategies on social media platform and digital marketing. However, the basic step involved in the marketing of a company is to have a well structured and well-designed website that stands as a prime source of identity over the Internet.
However, the process of building a proper website involves certain steps that are required to be handled by persons holding expertise in the field.
Amidst varied role executed by the CEOs of companies, there is some very common misunderstanding that they build within themselves. These misconceptions are confined to the process of web development.
Some of those few misconceptions are elucidated underneath,
1. Web Development Seems Painless: One of the most common misunderstandings that all CEOs generally feel that developing a website is very simple. They are of a view that a website can be prepared and made online within few hours and finally reach the public. However, the concept that marks website development to be an easy task is truly wrong. Developing a website involves deigning the website, implementation of coding and development through various programming language. Added to that, the inclusion of proper content along with proper execution and further maintaining the website and marketing makes it a huge and lengthy process. Web developers invest huge amount of time in preparing the technical mechanism.
2. Not A Saleable Stuff: The concept of website being a commodity and is purposed to be sold in the market is completely disastrous. Often CEOs of different companies seem to consider website more as a commodity rather than an investment. In other words, they are of mind that websites can be made and thrown away. However, it is to be understood that websites are the root formation of a company in the virtual world. Concepts should be substituted with thoughts that websites are built as a long-term agreement and should never be considered as a commodity. Nowadays, with the introduction of website templates that are readily available creates a mentality that websites are too easy to build and are easily changeable. On the other hand, it is needed to consider that these website templates come with disadvantages and appointing a recognized web development company stands to be a stable and beneficial move.
3. Let's Include All: For instance, often company after witnessing its inception experiences the presence of huge staff. However, at the start it is wrong. The inclusion of more and more staffs in a single project leads to the creation of filthy chaos. Various people come forward with different opinions. Many CEOs of different companies are of the view that inclusion of more members will facilitate the process. This leads to mismanagement ultimately neglecting the scope of mending quality strategies. A single specialized person for every segment stands enough during its primary journey.
4. It’an All About Building The Website: If the CEO of a company is of thought that only building a website by one of the most specialized web development companies of India will go do the task and produce fruitful result, it is nothing but an illusion. After the website is done and made life, a chain of segments gets associated in the process of marketing. However, when the website is ready and is visible to the public, the prime necessity remains the ways to draw and maintain traffic. Neglecting SEO leads to lack of recognition of the website and gets lost in the ocean of competition.
5. I Choose What I Like: There are many CEO’s of famous companies acting too stubborn while choosing the design of the website. In other words, the owner or the CEO of some companies wish to have the design they like irrespective of considering the market demand.
6. Website Design Creation Stands Very Simply: It is observed frequently that CEO of a company always fails to understand that website designing is not a matter of joke. It does not only takes ample time but also requires to be done by someone who imbibes the creative essence within along with some minimal experience of market structure; a knowledge of designing techniques sure to hit the market.
There are several misconceptions that stand as an obstacle to success of companies at the virtual space. Well, in order to gain success and earn a profit, the owner of the company needs to step down in the market prepared with all required to survive in the competition.

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