Aren’t you frustrated by the additional fat around your various body parts like buttocks, abdomen, thighs, etc.? in the past few years, many advanced techniques have turned liposuction in the most effective procedure for fat removal, with a short recovery period, minimal risks and affordable because of Medical tourism available in India.

By having a developed medical system, Liposuction in India is very affordable as a when compared to the other developed countries in the world.

What is Liposuction?
Liposuction is not a weight reduction technique – it is a treatment for fat loss deposits.
Liposuction is done for the people who want to change or improve the shape of their body.
This treatment will forever evacuate the fat cells and will change your body structure. But yes, let me tell you liposuction has a number of risks, infection, numbness etc. But the risks are very minimal and not necessary that it will happen to each and every one who will undergo liposuction treatment.

How does liposuction fat deposits removal work?
The fat deposits can be removed from any part of the body with the help of liposuction treatment. The fat deposits are basically removed in a surgical way or in a non-surgical way.Through a surgical method, the fat is being removed from the body with the help of the blunt-tipped tube called “cannula”.
And through a non-surgical way, different machines and techniques are used depending upon the area from which fat is to be removed.

From which body parts the stubborn fat can be removed with the help of liposuction procedure?
The stubborn can be removed from the following listed body parts:
1. Buttocks
2. Abdomen
3. Neck
4. Back
5. Chest
6. Ankles
7. Thigh area
8. Upper and Lower arms
9. Knee area

What are the benefits of liposuction treatment in India?
1. Easy application of VISA
2. Accommodation is almost all the time taken care by the clinic/hospital
3. Economical cost of the liposuction treatment
4. Availability of developed medical techniques and equipment’s
5. Zero waiting time

Which liposuction treatment is right for you?
There are many different types of techniques and technologies available for liposuction treatment today in India, each having their own benefits and risks. Before you undergo liposuction, treatment ask your surgeon about the problem area and which treatment type will be advisable to you. Normally, more the advanced technology more will be the treatment cost. However, the newer techniques have less risk involved like reduction in the swelling problem, lesser healing time, etc.
In addition to this, the medical travelling will make sure that the newest treatment will be affordable by you and then you can find the country on your own.

• Traditional liposuction:The traditional liposuction is best for you if you have a vast amount of fat deposits in your body. the surgeon will start the procedure by giving you the general anaesthesia. After this, the specialist directs general anaesthesia so the patient is snoozing and not in any uneasiness. A little entry point is made and the specialist embeds the cannula to separate the fat cells and forcedly expelled the greasy stores. This can every so often prompt wounding and inconvenience after treatment yet is helpful for the individuals who require a lot of fat to be expelled. Also, fat is expelled however the skin region is not fixed and may require shaping for best outcomes.

• Smart Lipo:This is a new technology under liposuction treatment. Under this type of treatment, the laser beam is underneath the skin to melt the fats. Before beginning with this procedure, the surgeon will inject you with local anaesthesia on the area from which fat is to be removed from your body. In this technique, no stitches are required since the incision used is very small.

• BodyTight:This technology works excellently for tightening the area of skin while simultaneously your stubborn fat can be removed. The doctor will first provide you with local anaesthesia, it means that the patient will remain awake whole time but won’t feel pain. This procedure involves an instrument which smoothens and tightens the upper layer of skin while melting excess fat underneath and removing it simultaneously.

• Vaser liposuction:VASER Liposuction is considered to be an advanced body sculpting procedure where unwanted excess body fat is being selectively removed without affecting or damaging tissues like blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues.

• Cool sculpting:Cool sculpting is another method of liposuction which is used to destroy and remove unwanted fat cells. In this procedure, a device is used which controls cooling to a temperature of positive 5 °C to Negative 5 °C, for non-invasive localised removal of excess fat in order to regain perfect body contour.

CONCLUSION:Any Individual who has bulges around their various parts of their body can undergo liposuction treatment to get a perfect body shape. As far as a destination is concerned, India is the preferred destination for anyone in the world to undergo liposuction treatment because liposuction in India provides the best prices. This is because in India you will avail world class treatment with the help of skilled doctors.

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