A collection of silver earrings that is not arranged neatly adds up to your daily dose of stressors? They tend to tangle, broken or lost easily. So to reduce this additional stress once and for all, it's time to look for an efficient storage and creative ways to display them. It is because some silver earrings like studs are small while others like hoop or danglers are large. Also, Sterling silver or gold plated silver earrings reflects jewellery fashion of particular periods in history. So have a look at various ways to store them apart from storing them in traditional jewellery boxes.

1. You can use all your extra buttons that you get from your clothes to keep your small silver stud earrings.

2.You can prepare clothes hanger which you have been not using for a while by fixing some hooks. Now you can use this jewellery hanger to hang dangling or silver hoop earrings.

3. Ribbons also work great to keep pure, or sterling or gold plated silver earrings in a line. But make sure you always use a thick, sturdy kind that won't tear.

4.An earring display case is an excellent way to showcase the collection, and you can organise them by style, size and stone. Display cases are especially designed for chandelier earrings, pierced earrings, including hoop earrings as well as these clip-on earrings.

5.An ice cube tray could be the best way to keep sparkling and beautiful earrings in silver. The basic reason is that a dresser drawer can accommodate ice cube trays quite well. You can also have ice trays that can stack on top of each other. That way, you can save space in an easy-breezy way.

6.You can use a small pill organiser. This is a great option for those who are always on travelling or live in a dorm. It is because silver earrings can get lost so easily in the small space and this will help to keep track of the small and precious earrings.

7. Stud silver earrings and most small sized earrings can be conveniently stored on single cards. These cards can be bought from the market or can be made at home. You can also opt to reuse old greeting cards or business cards you've been keeping for years.

8.You can also hang your silver earrings that you have brought online on a wire mesh and beautiful pen or pencil holder.

9. If you jewellery drawer is in a complete disarray, with earrings all tangled up and some missing then keeping then in a cardboard egg containers is a good idea. This creative way will allow you to display each stunning and sparkling piece separately. Also, you can punch the upper portions of the cup walls with holes to keep your earrings from running around.

10. The sponge keeps the alluring silver earrings from flying everywhere, and the container can still be small and portable.

11. You can also use wooden tags to create an organised and cute display.

12. If you don't have a lot of jewellery, using small dishes and trays can be a lovely way to organise your earrings.

So try out these splendid and wonderful ways to arrange your silver earrings and have a happy life. Silver earrings online are inexpensive and easy to wear accessories that any women can use to flaunt her outfit and looks. They are known for their flexibility, and uniqueness when compared to gold or other metals. Silver stud or hoop earrings also make a great gift to give to near and dear ones.With gold plating and filling, even costume earrings can be encased in precious metal. They are the best way to describe one's personality and taste.

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