The modern era is filled with favorable scientific practices due to innovations. Technological development has upheld the commonest practices which are IVF and hair transplant procedures. Both these practices have taken a drastic step in changing people’s lives and perhaps attaining a lifetime achievement for some patients.

There are many alluring stories in India, USA, Australia, and Africa, where childless couples have managed to get a child, twins, and even quadruplets. Childless couples, celebrities and politicians are all trying their luck from IVF procedures.


In Vitro Fertilization is a scientific procedure for childless couples in other words, couples that have failed to conceive through the natural means. IVF involves many treatment cycles until one conceives all performed at an IVF centre.

The doctor/gynae collects eggs from the woman’s ovary through a laparoscopic surgery and will deliver them at a laboratory to be joined with the sperms to form an embryo. Fertilization takes place outside the body in a Petri dish after which the dividing embryo is transferred back into the woman’s womb.


Not really. IVF procedures are slightly hectic and require dedication for the fact that they require frequent monitoring, ultrasounds, blood tests, and treatment cycles. Worrying about IVF procedures mostly arises from financial constraints and fear of having unintended quadruplets. However, many couples have embraced any result that comes after delivery due to the fact that their main aim is to get children of their own.


IVF has a bright future since there are many childless couples that need to be helped. Many developed countries such as Scotland are now providing free IVF treatment cycles to its citizens. Some insurance companies now handle part of the IVF treatment for those insured. Also, any IVF Centre in India is devising different schemes to help couples that seek IVF treatment.

AFFORDING IVF TREATMENTS IVF treatments exert a great burden on countless patients even the rich since it largely affects the bank account. The best possible to meet IVF treatments is looking for specialists and devising a plan from the existing schemes at the IVF centre. Obtaining treatment at any IVF centre simply because it offers the lowest treatments has cost many mentally and physically.

EVALUATING MY SUCCESS RATE The success rate of IVF treatment for a couple is influenced by many factors such as the age, cause of infertility, the type of clinic visited, and the type of treatment taken. IVF has emerged as the best treatment, though there are infertility cases that can be solved through ICSI, & IUI.

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Your age and the number of eggs produced will most influence the success rate of IVF treatment and above all the IVF centre