Unlike dogs, cats have always been the independent and self-sufficient types. As a cat parent, you know that it is all a part of the plan that cats make.

The reality is that the kitties depend on their human for so many things. From the pampering (which doesn’t long) to the food they eat and much more. Moreover, it is the companionship, love and the “we” time that they spend together while playing with cat toys is what makes it worth living for. In fact, the cat parents to make sure that they do everything up to the mark so that the cat is healthy and happy. You may not stop to think about it, but some of the decisions you make can have a huge impact on the health of your feline friends.

This article talks about the cat food tips that would improve your kitty’s health for the better and provide you peace of mind.

1. Change course to meat gravy from dry food
This is probably the most efficient and visibly the quickest way to improve your cat’s health. It is an indispensable truth that felines are carnivores which certainly means that having meat in their food is almost essential. If you want your cat to survive and have a healthy life, make sure you give him/her a mix of dry food and meat in gravy. Your motive should be eliminating the grains from the diet of your cat and incorporating animal proteins to keep the kitty’s coat shining and making them have a happier life. All you need to do is understand that cat are different than dogs. While the latter can evolve with energy that comes from plants, the former cannot.

2. Don’t overcook the food If you are to believe experts, cats can go healthy in no time if they are fed raw meat. However, sometimes we find it hard to believe that how can you give raw flesh to your feline. Hence, the better option would be to boil the meat to an extent that it doesn’t get cooked to the fullest. Without having any spices or condiments, what your cat will get is the pure form of healthy food. After all, the ultimate goal is to make your cat healthy and happy. This step would be an ideal way to get the load off your chest to cook separate food for your feline as well as provide better options in terms of health for your pet.

3. Some fats are healthy
Where dogs are capable of converting the dietary fibers into fats, cats are not made to do that. EPA and DHA are two critical omega 3 fatty acids which serve as the vital ones for your cat’s health. Due to their inability to convert fats, it is essential that the feline diet either includes a regular serving of high Omega 3 foods such as wild salmon & tuna or be supplemented daily with fish oil. This works for their good health.

4. Dairy products must be eliminated Dairy food is not good for your cat’s health. Whether it is cheese or milk, anything that comes from milk is not good for your feline. The majority of the kitties are lactose intolerant which makes milk and the milk products are a bad choice for them.

With these, you can keep your kitty safe and healthy.

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I'm Emma B. A evid learner and fashion blogger. Being a cat lover, like sharing my view about the health and recreation of pets. As a keen observer, I'm very much into cat fashion and love exploring current trends.