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I sometimes hear from wives who are in the middle of a marital separation who are absolutely panicked. Sometimes, their husband has cut off most or all contact or he just isn't acting very receptive to his wife or to the marriage . And it is at this time that you can feel very much alone. And you can begin to worry that the marriage that is so important to you is now a lost cause.

I heard from a wife who said: "my husband left me three months ago. He thinks that I cheated on him, but I didn't. I have repeatedly tried to reach out to him with proof that I didn't cheat. I won't say that our marriage was perfect before this one incident. But it is this one incident that inspired him to actually leave when he was only thinking about it before. Since my husband left, he hasn't called, come by, or reached out to me in any way. He is staying with his mother and when I call her, she won't let me talk to him. She says that he has nothing to say to me. I have sent letters telling him that I didn't cheat. Still, I get no response. I keep texting and he doesn't respond. One of my friends says that it is obvious that there is no hope for my marriage. She says that it would be healthier for all involved if I would just give up. She is probably right, but I guess I need to hear my husband say this before I give up. But since he won't give me any access to him, then how is this supposed to happen? Is there any hope for my marriage?"

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I think that there is always hope. I would never tell someone to give up hope on what should be the most important relationship of their life. With that said, there are times when no one can deny that things don't look very promising. But that doesn't mean that it is impossible for you to things to turn around. Sometimes, you have more control over this than you might think. I will discuss this more below.

Your Level Of Hope Is Really A Choice: It always bothers me when friends tell you that there's no hope or that you should give up hope. Who are they to say this? It is not their marriage in question. It is yours. And the only one who can decide if it time to give up hope is you. And frankly, this is often not a logical decision. Often, your head is showing you facts that might indicate that things are not going your way when your heart just doesn't care.

This was the case with me. My husband had long left and although he was being cordial to me, he wasn't giving me any encouragement that things would get better. And there was a time when I got so discouraged that I gave up actively trying to get him back. Ironically, that's actually when things improved. But, in the back of my mind, I always had a little hope. Because I'd known people who had separated and even divorced who had gotten back together eventually. And I knew that if I had patience, my husband's love for me may matter more than the problems we were trying to overcome. Sure, my circumstances might have eventually showed me that I was wrong about this. But I don't see any harm in maintaining hope. You're not hurting anyone by doing so.

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Setting It Up So That Your Hope Isn't Necessarily In Vain: Of course, it's great to maintain your hope, but it's even better to see your hopes realized. And in order to do that, you'll often need to set it up so that the circumstances shift to your favor. I didn't personally know the couple involved in this scenario. But it appeared that two issues were the most persuasive. First, the husband believed that the wife had cheated but he was avoiding her so much that she couldn't straighten this out. I would suggest writing a letter so that you don't have to worry about being interrupted and then hand delivering it right to him if possible and then giving a brief statement asking him to please read the letter and call you after he does. After that, I would suggest backing off and giving him a little time to calm down.

The second issue was that the husband appeared to be trying to set firm boundaries while the wife was trying to push her way into getting answers about how her husband was feeling and what his intentions were. And the more she felt ignored, the more she felt the need to push even harder. And while this was totally understandable and is very common, what she needed to understand is that it wasn't really working that well for her. It seemed to only be making things worse.

In my own situation, it actually was a good idea to stop pushing so hard and to back off. Once I did this, my husband eventually began to wonder why he wasn't hearing from me all of a sudden. Eventually, he was the one reaching out to me, which put me in a much better position and was the beginning of us being able to work things out.

But to answer the question posed, I can't tell you specifically what's going to happen with your marriage, but I can tell you that you have control as to whether you give up hope or not. No one can take hope away from you unless you decide that it is time to give it away. And if you have reason to believe that it's not yet time to do so, you have every right to hold onto it.

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You have been married for quite some time now, in what you honestly believed was a happy marriage. Lately though you have been noticing signs your marriage might be over and it is very disturbing to you. You really don't know what to do - you still love your spouse just as much as you did when you first got married, so what went wrong, and how can you fix it?

The main thing is that you are observant and have noticed that there seems to be something that is causing unhappiness in your marriage. This together with the fact that you still love your spouse will make it a lot easier to fix things.

One very important thing that you MUST do as soon as possible is to talk to your spouse. Try to make it at a time when neither of you are too busy or too tired. Perhaps it would even be a good idea to go out and have a picnic somewhere - this way you will both be totally relaxed and more approachable.

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Tell your spouse that you have noticed signs your marriage might be over and that you really want to do something about it as soon as possible. Something has gone wrong over the years, and you would like for you and your spouse to figure out what the problems are so that you can fix them and get your marriage back on track again.

Your spouse will probably appreciate your concerns about the problems you might have in your marriage and will more than likely be just as willing as you to sort the problems out before they become impossible to fix. Because you and your spouse have decided to work together to fix the issues in your marriage, there is a good chance that it will bring you together.

Sometimes all it takes is a reality check like noticing signs your marriage might be over, to make you aware that you and your spouse need to communicate more to avoid trouble in your marriage.

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However sad it is when a marriage seems to be over, action needs to be taken immediately. Two people are involved here, you and your spouse, so the decision to save the marriage or not should be with both of you. The best thing to do is to sit down and have a very long discussion about your marriage - the good things as well as the bad.

You should do this when tensions aren't running high between you and your spouse to try to prevent arguments. You should both go into the discussion with open minds and a promise to be honest with each other. If necessary, have this discussion on and off over a few days - your marriage has been going for a few years, so it cannot possibly take just a few hours to discuss.

If you both agree that your marriage seems to be over, then you should make a decision to talk about all the good things in your marriage - you could just find things in this discussion that will make you realize that your marriage is worth saving.

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Then move on to the bad things in your marriage. Although there will probably be things that could just trigger an argument, try to steer clear of throwing blame at each other at this stage. The whole point of the discussion is to try to establish whether your marriage is worth saving or not, and not who is to blame for anything in particular.

Here to, you could very well discover things about yourselves that you never realized before, such as the fact that some things would have been easy to fix, had you and your spouse had open communication with each other as soon as problems arose.

Your marriage seems to be over at this point in time, but you never know, by communicating with each other openly and honestly, you could just swing things around and find that you have a lot to be thankful for in each other, and decide that your marriage is worth saving, after all.

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When your marriage is over, it is really sad - the years that you and your spouse spent together to build a life together is gone - all those years wasted. You have to do some serious thinking now - do you try to save your marriage, or do you accept that it has ended and start a new life on your own.

If you still love your spouse, then I suggest that you talk to him/her immediately. Be open and honest with each other - you need to come to an agreement as to what you should do. The thing is, during the years that you were together, something went wrong and you need to discuss this.

You and your spouse have to talk about your problems and decide whether it is worth it to fix those problems and make an attempt to save what you have put so many years of hard work into. Also, try to keep your discussion neutral and don't put the blame on what has happened onto each other.

These problems have been building up over the years, because you never ever took the time to talk about these issues and solve them, so, this is really your one last chance to do this. Realizing the fact when your marriage is over, that it was both of you who contributed to the dilemma you're in at the moment, is very important if you want to try and salvaged whatever is left.

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However, if you and your spouse get together, discuss your failed marriage, and decide that you would rather call it quits and go your own ways, then do this. There is really no point in trying to hang on to something that there is really no hope in fixing. It will be a total waste of time for both of you.

This way, if you agree to end the marriage, you can still remain friends and get on with your own lives, knowing that it was a mutual decision to end the marriage. In other words, there will be no hard feelings between you.

When your marriage is over, there is really no need to argue about it and cause more pain to each other - just communicate and come to an agreement as to whether it is worth salvaging the little that is left, or not.

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