Are you applying for any demanding position in the ‘Analytics’ stream? Then, you will certainly be nervous about how to prepare for the interview and successfully crack it. It is quite natural for most of us when hear of an analytics interview or look at the analysts, we gradually think that data analytics is something beyond our imaginations. Well, it is not the truth, remember data analytics is not a rocket science. As long as you hold a strong grip on the subject, you can easily conquer the heat of the interview room.

Today, different Internet sources are offering advanced analytics interview questions, data analytics interview questions and answers, analytics interview puzzles , etc.

Though there is plenty of information available on the Internet, most of the individuals fail to structure it in a chronological order. This article accordingly will discuss some of the best practices that can help the analytics aspirants to leave no stone unturned, while preparing for the data analytics and business analytics interviews.

To start our journey, let us initially understand the flow of data analysis and the different designations that are used to label the professionals who are operating in the analytics field.

Flow of Data Analysis

Data analysis is a cyclic process, having a set of seven interrelated stages. Let us discuss about each of the stages in detail.

1. Defining your Questions

To start with the analysis process, you are required to define a valid question(s) that are clear, concise, and measurable. Frame your question(s) in such a way that it should meet or diverge potential solutions to your defined problem or prospect.

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Cheat sheet to crack interview. This Article will explain you about the best ways to prepare for Analytics interview.