Mobile apps are becoming a big part of people’s daily routines. Some may use them rarely, and others may love them too much. Wherever you lie in this spectrum, the sure part is that it is beneficial to your daily life in some way or the other.
Every year comes with latest accomplishments in the smartphone technology. Smart phones have become a revolutionary way of doing business. Despite smartphones reshaping the concept of convenience, people are looking for a new level of comfort in their lives with apps. Among the numerous apps developed, it’s impossible for people to figure out which apps are really needed and which are not up to the par of our requirements. Everyone will have their priorities and needs, but there are certain apps that can make everyone’s life better. The developers have investigated and prioritized the daily needs and developed apps which are exceptionally useful to the people.
Here are two solutions which serves the purpose of ease and convenience in hiring a taxi and shopping groceries. These are going to make life easier for the shop owners and customers as well. For business, apps become a medium for growing business by getting more customers and thereby increasing the revenue. For customers the apps act as a handy channel to make the deal safe. How can you make efficient use of them.?
Let’s look-over!
Grocery Shopping
This is one of the business that have recently gone completely online. The main reason for this is the trouble one has to undergo during their travel to the supermarket, standing in queues for payments. Shopping grocery was never simple as it is with the mobile-apps. Now with just a few taps groceries are brought to your doorsteps. This is even a significant step towards transforming the buying process.
The grocery app design should be simple and easy to navigate thereby helping the customers to place the orders rapidly without learning much about the app. The user should be able to explore the various items, then add them to cart and pay for them in few taps and minimum sliding of the screens. The app should require a set of advanced features to be considered before launching and ultimately provide the best shopping experience. Some exclusive features to be included are:
Add to list from preferred categories
After searching for the product from the various categories, the customers can easily make a list of all items they want to purchase. The list can also be saved so that the customer can re-order the same items the next time.
Immediate confirmation and View order status
The customers will be satisfied if they get immediate notification about the orders and payments. After the order is placed until the items are delivered to the user, the status of the order can be viewed and tracked using the unique order number provided. This will deliver a happy shopping experience to the users.
Order history
The ordered products can be viewed in the future in case of any requirements like re-ordering the same set of items purchased or verifying the items ordered and those delivered.
Offers and discount notifications
The customers should get the notifications regarding various offers and discounts, variation in the prices or any additional items are introduced with improved quality, anything like that will normally attract customers to buy a particular product.
Simple search and instant checkouts
The UI and UX of the app should be in such a way that every element should be appealing to the customers. Rapid search, filters and checkouts should be provided so that customers can find more time to shop and make the payment easier.
Keeping all these features in mind, a robust grocery delivery app should be developed so that he customers can shop groceries anytime anywhere.
Hiring a Taxi
The evolution of online taxi booking apps has a widespread impact on the users. Now with taxi booking apps the user can simply book a taxi and make the online payment. Earlier it was hard to book a taxi anytime from anywhere. But from the success of taxi booking app it is evident that this business is going to stay for longer. Many mobile app developers have created taxi app with better functionalities and improved features. The following features shouldn’t be missed out if you require better acceptance in your business domain:
Live routing/automated tracking
The passengers can fetch all the details regarding their trip from the time of arrival till the journey ends. With the GPS enabled tracking system the locations can be pinpointed without complete knowledge about the exact whereabouts.
Trip & Payment History
With the trip history feature the user can view the history of the travel anytime in the future. An analysis of the payments can be done in case of any requirements in the future with the help of payment history feature. Thus the user can retrace and get a complete overview of past bookings.
Start-end time of the ride
Drivers can mark their arrival time, when the trip will start, when it ends so that automated bills can be generated. This feature helps to track the taxi on a real time basis, thus customers also get the exact details of the time.
Rate the journeys
Once the journey has ended the user can rate the driver and overall journey. The valuable feedback in the form of rating and reviews is necessary for a business to prosper. This helps learning the loopholes or weak areas in the business.

Transparent payment
The payment should be absolutely transparent. If the customer decides to pay online or in cash your app should facilitate both of them. This transparency in systematic fair details and cost estimation is definitely going to be impressive to customers.
The difference these apps are going to make needn’t be explained now! Each and every business is looking forward to grow its business revenue as well. With the apps growing on a daily basis, it’s impossible to explain all of them. However, with both these apps you can kick start a new habit and make valuable use of your time. To find them check out Mindster’s Grocery Delivery App and Taxi Booking App and make these tasks a bit easier.

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