Dog lovers can’t imagine their life without dogs. Most people adore the dogs for their loyalty, unconditional love, and playful enthusiasm. Moreover, officially dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. But we all know that dogs have some innocent as well as irksome tendencies too that make it a little bit difficult to live with them. To keep your relationship best with your dog, you just need to train them with some important skills.

Very few people know this fact that dogs are usually eager to learn. The key to success is good communication. However, having a trained dog isn’t the same as having a balanced dog. Besides, the training time will also be a great opportunity for you to build a good bond with your dog. So, where do you start with the obedience training to your dog? You can do it yourself. Moreover, it can be fun for both you and your dog!

Here is some information to help you to give the obedience training to your dog:


Sit is one of the basic dog obedience commands that helps you to keep control of your dog and is one of the easiest commands to start with. For this, just follow the following steps:
1. Hold your dog’s favorite biscuit just close to his nose.
2. While allowing his head to follow the biscuit, move your hand up.
3. While performing the previous step, try to cause the bottom of your dog to lower.
4. Once your dog is in sitting position, say loud “Sit”, give that biscuit to him and show affection.
Repeat the above-written steps daily until your dog has mastered.


This command is for teaching your dog to remain still and calm. But keep in your mind one thing that before teaching this command to your dog, make sure that your dog is mastered in “Sit” command.
1. At starting, give the command of “Sit” to your dog.
2. Now, while showing your palm to your dog, say “Stay”.
3. You take few backward steps.
4. If your dog stays, then reward him with a treat.
Keep on repeating this exercise until your dog starts obeying your order. As most of the dogs are full of energy, it might take some time for them to learn this command.


By this command, you can teach your dog to come immediately to you upon your command. This command can also help to keep your dog out of trouble by bringing him back to you if you accidentally lose your grip on the leash.
1. While softly pulling on his leash, go down to his level and say “Come”.
2. Reward him when he comes to you.

After teaching this command to your dog, you can remove his leash if you want.


Drop command teaches your dog to drop immediately whatever is in its mouth.
1. Place two biscuits in your both hands. But remember, one biscuit should be your dog's most favorite and the other should be least favorite.
2. Disclose the less tasty biscuit first and say, “Drop”. Remember just show the biscuit to your dog but don’t completely leave it in front of him.
3. Let him lick and bark to try to get it.
4. Once he stops trying to get the biscuit, give him the biscuit that is in your hand.
5. Repeat the above steps until your dog learns to obey your drop command.

Only give your dog the biscuit when he moves away from the first biscuit after hearing your command “Drop”. The above simple commands can help keep your dog safer. Besides, be calm during the training process because it could take some time. So, only start this dog obedience training session if you are in the right mind set.

As we all know that not all the dogs have same nature, so it'll be wrong if you apply the same methods on every dog. Moreover, there are lots of most dangerous dog breeds available around the world that requires a specialized teacher to train them. However, the small dog breeds for children are perfect for providing the obedience training. Besides, the above-written obedience training methods for your dog are quite effective if you start training your dog as early as you think he is matured enough to get trained. For more information you caan visit my website and contact me.

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