When most people have hard copies of some very important documents it is almost obvious that they will want to ensure that they also have the same stored somewhere in their personal computer so that they can at least send it through email every time it is required. However, trouble is when you want to retrieve the soft copy and you discover that the file has some flaws; the next thing you want to do is edit the file before you can retrieve it but the biggest problem is coming to the realization that there is nothing that you can do in order to edit the scanned file. It is in this kind of situation that you will require OCR software because it has been created with the ability to convert images in such a way that they can be edited.

Optical character recognition, otherwise known as OCR is one of the latest software that is used during different kinds of image recognition; this technology has given eyes the enable OCR software to easily every word that is contained in an image. OCR enables easy image data extraction thereby enabling you to solve any conversion problems you may have in an artistic manner; with this kind of image search and classification software you don’t need more than 5 seconds to finish your image recognition task. All that you need to do when you have an image data extraction task is to simply place the file and the tool and with the click of a button; the software is designed to read and extract all data from the image and convert it to text format in less than 5 seconds.

An image refers to any file whose text will appear in form of a pixel; images are usually extension of tiff, pdf or jpg where you can easily see the data but you don’t have any method of converting it. A good example would be where you have a book in an image format file and you want it edited or to edit a particular section; since editing is not possible you need to have it modified into a modifiable format since you can’t use a n image file extension to edit it. This is basically where OCR comes into play to make your book into and easily editable file.

Once you have been able to do image data extraction and created a text format file anyone can do the editing as may have been required. When it comes to choosing OCR software you can be sure that there are a number of options that are available. You may be able to choose from different formats depending on whether you want to convert files such as jpg to word, gif or png or doc files. Before the advent of the image search and classification software the only option that was available was to covert and edit this kind of data manually. However, the OCR software has made life easier and also brought in a great level of efficiency so that you don’t have to type such a document manually anymore.

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