Blurred vision can pose problems while driving, playing sports or any other activity that need focused attention. Sunglasses are the best ways to prevent direct sun rays to enter into your eyes and damage your eye vision. Wearing these shades, not just you will look good but also remain protected. There are several types of polarized sunglasses available on the market. You need to consider several factors when buying the perfect polarized sun glass for yourself.

About Polarized Sunglasses
Polarized eyeglasses help in reducing blinding glare. These sunglasses are covered nicely in a thin chemical film. This film absorbs light waves that produces glare. In this way, it helps in providing crystal clear vision and clarity.

Working of polarized glasses
Glare generally occurs when sun rays gets reflected by a flat surface. Such rays become dangerous as it is focused only in 1 direction. This makes them more effective, powerful and focused. The impact of such rays is so powerful that it can cause damage to your eyes, as well.
The lens used in making polarized sunglasses is made up of polyvinyl acetate. This solution is immersed in iodine solution. When those types of magnified rays are made to pass through the polarized lenses, they either get partially or completely eliminated.

How does a tinted glass differ from a polarized glass ?
Tinted glasses are dark in color as it lowers the entire light that one sees. They are also unable to lower harsh glare. As regular glasses do not provide best level of protection, so it can also lead to blindness.

In case of polarized lenses, they work little differently than tinted glasses. The thin chemical film present above the polarized sunglasses absorbs the light rays that come from a single direction. This helps you with a glare free clear vision. Polarized sun glasses offer you high-end protection from sun rays. It is highly effective in preventing any form of eye or skin related ailments due to UV damage to a large extent.

Which one should you go for - UV Protection glasses or Polarized Sunglasses?Polarized sunglasses offer considerable level of UV protection, but don’t filter all UV rays from entering into your eyes. On the other hand, 100% UV proof sunglasses completely shield your eyes from sun as well as skin damage. It protects your vision from degradation. You will get UV protection glasses from several reputed brands that give the best clarity and protection from sun.

How does regular glasses differ from sports glasses?
Regular glasses do not give you heightened protection that you would require when sun is at its peak. Sports version of glasses is proved to be more durable and aims at protecting your eyes while you are indulging in any sports activities. A pair of glasses specific for sports purpose offer more protective features that will assist in keeping the vision of your child safe during all types of activities.

Advantages of using Polarized Sunglasses There are several benefits offered by wearing polarized form of sunglasses.

• Promotes long term eye health
• Reduces glare, and sudden momentary blindness due to focused and harmful sun rays.
• Absorbs light to ensure clearer vision.
• Leads to neutralization of light and reduction of its impact.
• Protects one’s eyes from headaches, and strain. This is done by blocking extra light.
• Enables one to see clearly through water

Polarized sunglasses are the best ones to protect your eyes from the damage due to sun's harmful UVA rays. Learning about the different types of polarized glasses available on the market will help you decide which one works best for you.

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