Certainly, when there are public holidays, there is a lot of pressure to come up with ideas for creative gifts. Especially for children, it can be difficult to find something fun. Fortunately, there are ways to always come with a suitable gift. You can look at each age category and interests which gift best suits the occasion!

Gift for a dreams

Dream evolve extensively. Most dreams can run (just) or start running and climbing. In addition, they make paint, pencils, and paper for the first time - and then not to stop in their mouths, but to do something constructive. Dreams snap or start to understand that a gift is something fun. It is therefore also nice to shop for dreams .

Gift List

Costumes -particularly from the moment a child is 1.5 years, are clothes interesting. Dress up, dress up, play with mom and dad's shoes, dressing up. It's nice to have a stock of clothes for the moment when the fantasy game begins and it pretends. Here are also crockery, kitchenware, cleaning supplies, prams, and dolls.

Crafts -Glue, sticks, paper, finger paint, coloring pages, you can pack everything from the creative shelf almost to give a gift. New in this category is kinetic sand. This sand is easy to clean and "stick" well together so that you can build nice sandcastles. In addition, it is fun for dreaming to play with its structure.

Stem Gifts -Toys are best friends of your kid, so you can also think of stem gifts. Children literally build their future with playing blocks. They train their spatial insight and learn about cause and effect. A STEM Gift is always a great idea to gift your children not only because they are durable but affordable as well. stem gifts not only keep your kids mentally active but also get them use their minds when they’re playing.

Books -Ask the parents what books the child already has. Books are important for dreams . Reading with children increases their language proficiency and communicative skills. Additionally, a reading moment provides a resting moment in one day.

Outdoor toys -Think about a bucket, rake, bowl, train, toy cars and so on.

Cuddles, dolls, and accessories (such as buggies) - As mentioned before under clothing, but also a good gift for taking care/caring, empathy, emotions, and so on.

Gift for children up to 12 years old

Once a child is drunk-off and has already reached primary school age, there is a time of learning and development. Your child learns in this life phase reading, writing, working in a group, and discipline. Playing is obviously very important during this period and also in this phase, there are nice gifts you can give.

Gift List
Bonnet for a nice getaway -You would call it almost a cheap or easy gift, but a nice afternoon or day with you is really a present! You can make it as extensive or simple as you like. Continue reading for an hour or take a trip to an amusement park (including dinner after dinner).

Games -Board and card games - Note the age range and estimate whether the child already has certain games.

Sporting goods -There are many children who practice sport and / or at a sport-club. Give them a gift voucher for new outfits or sport accessories. Other nice sport gifts include a badminton kit, a ball or other outdoor toys.

Notepad -Or, under the same denominator: color blocks, photo books (to fill in / color yourself), friends books ,

Crafts -Colored paper, glue, (child) scissors, cheerful colored tape, sticks, crayons, color sets and everything is good!

Books -As in every lifetime: a book is always good! Before purchase or a child, check the book you want to give, and/or save the receipt to exchange.

Mobile -You can wait for a child to be 12 years of age, but many children at elementary school already have a mobile phone today. There are mobile phones that you can set up to call only one or two numbers. Is it a smartphone? Set up educational apps and make sure you have all the settings yourself. Give this gift only after consultation with the parents!

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