It is a great idea to have your panic alarm to be installed as part of the security system for your house. This is because panic button incorporation, into the security system you already have in your house is not difficult to carry out. Furthermore, it will also make your panic alarm more effective as it gives it a wider reach to every security agency that were initially linked to the security system in your house. If you have decided to link your panic alarm to the system you already have in your house, here are some tips you should follow.


At first, you will need to know what specific components are required for incorporating your panic alarm in the security system of your home. Perhaps, all you might require is the actual button and some wires, if you already have a siren and dialer for telephone functions.


Next you need to look for a great location where you can place the panic button. The location is very vital as it should be easy for you to reach it when you are in trouble. It could be placed in the part of the house you stay the most or the part of the house where you do the most strenuous activities that could trigger an emergency situation. You might also decide to mount them at strategic positions in every room in the house.


Next you need to ensure that they are firmly fixed into place, so that they do not fall off and in the process, get disconnected from the wire. This could make them ineffective when you will need them.


There are 3 forms of connections you need to carry out. They include connection to the central console, connection to the alarm or siren as well as connection to panic alarm.

After you have fixed the button in the location or locations where you want them to be, you will need to fix the wire in the central console. Before doing this, ensure that you turn off the power supply to the console. You should also use a tester to check to make sure that there is no current in it. This is to avoid electric shock while you are carrying out the connection.

After connecting to the central console, you will need to connect the wire to your alarm or siren. To do this, you might just have to connect the new wire to the former wire that goes into your alarm or siren.

Subsequently, you will have to pick the telephone line and link it to your panic alarm. This is when your panic alarm will now be effective towards reaching out to security agencies, other relevant authorities as well as members of your family when you are in trouble.


It is vital that you test the panic alarm to be sure that it is working. It will be wrong to just fix and leave it, only to find out it is faulty or not properly fixed on the day you will need it.

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