Hiring security guards for your business often proves to be a beneficial choice from various angles. The job of security guards in Thunder Bay is to not only protect the business premises, but also the people working on it. You might have the tendency to look for a security guard agency that charges a low fee, but you must get rid of this tendency on an urgent basis. A low price usually means a low level of protection, especially when it comes to security guards. So you need to have a considerably high budget if you want to ensure a 100 percent secure environment for your business and your employees.

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We will now take a look at the various conditions a security guard should fulfil:

• A security guard should have astute observation skills that allow him or her to detect and handle safety hazards and security risks as and when they come up. Observation skills are something that security training in Thunder Bay cannot teach. It is an inherent quality that determines the actual skill of a security guard. So a guard you hire should have tremendously strong observation skills to cater to all risks in an efficient manner.

• The security guard you choose should have good communication skills so that anyone who comes into your business premises on official business stands to be amazed from the very first step. The customers usually ask the security guard for directions to a certain office or any other place within the premises, and without proper communication skills , the security guard will not be able to point the client in the right direction.

• The security guard should have the ability to deter any criminal activity that might take place within the business premises. Every business has to face unwarranted behaviour from enraged clients or competitors. It is the job of the security guard to ensure that these activities can be nipped in the bud as soon as possible before a scene is created.

Let us now take a look at some tips that might help a business to hire the best possible security guard:

• Test a security guard’s verbal communication skills by asking him or her, a set of questions that are sure to make him or her speak her heart out. The more a guard talks, the better you will be able to understand his or her communicative skills.

• A written test should test a security guard’s problem-solving skills. The ability of a guard to handle a situation decides whether you should hire him or her, or not.

• Always try and find out the total work experience a security guard has. Someone who has not worked anywhere in a similar role will not be a smart choice for you if you have a considerably large business. For smaller companies, however, a fresh-out-of-school security guard might be just what the doctor ordered.

• Talk to them and try to find out about how he or she will handle a particular criminal activity. Come up with a realistic scenario and ask the guard to think about it for a while and then tell you how he or she will go about deterring the criminal activity.

Following these tips would give you a clear idea about the skills of a security guard you are interviewing . So use them wisely.

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