Caring for a senior parent or relative can change our lives in so many different ways. Not just in terms of time and money commitments, but the emotional aspects are also heart wrenching. This is something that needs to be prepared for ahead of time. Remember, for decades, your parents have been living self-sufficiently. You and your siblings, being the children, go to them to seek help and guidance, not the other way around. They may feel uncomfortable with the suggestion. The idea of moving away from a home they loved for decades is difficult.

The first thing that comes to your mind is to let your parents move into your home. This may be the best solution but it requires careful planning and a lot of convincing your parents. The right time to talk to your parents is when they are still healthy and active. Talk and include all the people involved, from your parents, siblings, spouse, children, in-laws and other important people in the family . During family gatherings, bring the topic so everyone can voice out their opinions and help in deciding which option is the best one.

Another important area to think about is the physical safety of our parents. As they grow old, they are physically just not the same as before. The onset of diseases like dementia, arthritis , poor eyesight and high blood pressure adds to the problems. We may not feel comfortable leaving them on their own, even if it's just for an afternoon. Though brief in time, this could still pose some danger.

If you have elderly friends above 65 or friends with elderly parents, you probably know or heard about someone older who has fallen and hurt themselves. If they are alone, it could take a long time before someone comes to their assistance. This can cause further problems down the road. Fortunately, there are senior aging in place technologies like mobile medical alert systems and GPS trackers that enable them to get in contact and find help. Whenever something bad happens, such as if they fall in the shower area, or feel something really wrong with their bodies, they can press a panic button and speak with an emergency center operator.

When your parents were younger and stronger, they lived independently. As they get older and weaker, they are likely to need your assistance to accomplish daily and simple activities. The worry easily sets in. What if they fall down, or get lost wandering in the neighborhood. If they have health challenges, the risk of health emergencies happening increases further. To deal with it all, we need to be physically, mentally and financially capable. That's not an easy accomplishment. That's where reading personal development sites like this can help us to get prepared.

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Misty Jhones