Each time we take a look at someone, the only thing that we take cognizance of is their eyes. The inherent beauty of a lady is not built only around the figure of the body or the condition of her skin. The eyes occupy a central place in the amount of effective communication and attention a woman gets. If you have engaged with an individual that has an elegant eyes, it is the eyelashes that people pay attention; not the eye color. Perfect eyelashes exceptionally beautify the eyes. It is common for most people who had seen a woman with attractive eyelashes, for them to take a second stare at her. It is recommend that woman should take a cue from dazzling Hollywood celebrities and give adequate care to the appearances of her eyelashes

Beauty of Natural Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes extensions are known to extremely change the way your eyelashes look by making them appearing sexier. It is doesn’t really count if you are a professional seeking ways to scale up the corporate world or a woman that want a tantalizing appearance during a significant event such as anniversary, birthday or wedding, eyelashes extensions will transform you into a beautiful Amazon that will attract attention from the people.

Application and Origin

For individuals that cherish their natural look, adhering shorter eyelash extensions around the interior region of the eye and combination of long and short extensions will be good for the middle region and external region of the eye. Eyelash extensions are products of various substances. They can be categorized into natural and synthetic. The natural extensions are produced from mink hair or human hair as the case may be. And synthetic are those made from faux hair or silk. Eyelash extensions produced from human hair are excellent for those classes of women who prefer to wear a more natural outlook. Being smooth, light and soft, it is an ultimate material for eyelash extensions.

Natural False Lashes Charleston South Carolina is those kinds of eyelashes used to give a chimera of complete and bigger eyelashes. They are of two origins; those manufactured from organic hair and those made from synthetic substance. Natural false eyelashes are more suitable for the conservative women. It can be divided into 2 types; namely strip false lashes and individual false eye lashes.

The individual false lashes are joined with one another and used each after another to the line of eyelash. They easily key in with actual eyelashes. Strip false lashes are a set of eye lashes which can be stuck to lash line, thus very simple to fix. Because of the busy schedule of the modern age women, natural false lashes are more recognized and the most used.


There are several glues available in the market though they are not known to cause any harm to natural lash but generally irritate the eyes, so if it irritates your eyes contact your doctor for immediate medical attention.

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